CW Fall Schedule 2014: What happened and what ( I THINK ) is coming


It’s a slow Saturday and I don’t have anything to do (Thank Good) so I decided to speculate a bit on CW’s upcoming Fall schedule and the Pick ups that will happen. The pic up theories are based only on my knowledge about the Pilots and the casting choices(I didn’t watch them). So let’s break down CW’s current state:

6 Shows already got Renewed: 5 dramas Supernatural, Arrow, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries and Reign and the reality show America’s Next Top Model.

6 Pilots got ordered: 2 Spin off’s The Flash and Supernatural Bloodlines and 4 new shows Identity, Jane The Virgin(hopefully changing it’s title), The Messengers and iZombie.

6 shows waiting Renewal: The Carrie Diaries, Beauty and the Beast, Stra-Crossed, Hart of Dixie, The 100 and The Tommorow People.

So I’ll offer you 2 versions of the upcoming fall schedule one realistic and one wishfull.


Additionally renewed: Hart of Dixie and The 100

Cancelled: The Carrie Diaries, The Tommorow Peopl, Beauty and the Beast and Star Crossed.

Picked up: Jane The Virgin, Flash, Supernatural Bloodlines, iZombie and The Messengers(midseason show).

Monday: The Originals and The Flash

Tuesday: SPN Bloodlines and Supernatural

Wednesday: Arrow and iZombie

Thursday: The VD and Jane The Virgin

Friday: Reign and ANTM/Hart of Dixie

Midseason: The 100 and The Messengers

I think this is the most resonable schedule CW could come up with.
-Even though I’m not a SPN fan, never tried to be, I think CW will pick up the spin off and try to reach out on SPN success cause SPN can’t last forever and CW knows it.
-A monday featurnig a combination of the Vd and Arrow spin offs could hit high notes and win over some non reality competition viewers The Voice cough DWTS cough.
-Jane as the clear underdog in CW’s pilot season has a solid cast and VD will be the perfect lead in, and who knows maybe it can reach Reign’s success.
-Speaking of Reign, Friday is a tough night but I think Reign could put it off. But they need some strong cast additions to win over other viewers, some yond eye candy and some older experienced actors.
-iZombie airing on Wednesday could be a win cause of the lack of female power on that day.


Additionally Renewed: Hart of Dixie and Star-Crossed or The100.

Cancelled : The 100 or StarCrossed, BatB, The Tommorow People, The Carrie Diaries.

Picked Up: Identity, The Messengers, The Flash and iZombie(midseason)

Monday: Arrow and Identity

Tuesday: The Flash and Supernatural

Wednesday: The Originals and Reign.

Thursday: The VD and The Messengers/iZombie (midseason switch)

Friday: Star-Crossed/The100 and ANTM/Hart of Dixie

In this schedule I shifted a little more around but I think it would work better so.
-Arrow on Monday would be a huge shift but it wuld be freshwind on a reality show night and a now HIMYM free Monday 8pm slot. Identity has a pretty unknown cast but if it’s more an action series than a soap it could be a nice follow up to Arrow.
-I really don’t think SPN will switch nights again would be the 4th timeslot in 4 years. And The Flash is CW’s highly anticipated Pilot this would be a bombastic combo.
-The Wednesday combo of Royal Vamps and Royal Scott’s could be a win for CW with the lack of SPN and girly stuff on Wednesday nights.
-VD is a force in it’s Thursday 8pm slot and proved to be a good lead in for new shows(except The Secret Circle). I would concipe The Messengers and iZombie as limited series for this season and use VD to start both very interesting CW shows. The Messenger script was announced just a month before getting picked up as a Pilot and that is really good for a Pilot but with the delicate thema I would prefer a 13 ep season to keep the level of believable things and not push to much. iZombie is based on a DC comic and has a great cast could see it go for the long run.
-Friday’s I put SC or The100, curently I really don’t know which show I like more but with The100 ratings falling mney could be the thing that will decied the winner between those 2 and their renewal.

AND THAT’S IT !!! I could Speculate even more but it wouldn’t have any sense this is it for now let’s see if CW headquarters agree with me.


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