Arrow Review: Death isn’t punishment Enough


If you didn’t notice Willa Holand aka Thea Queen in Arrow Season 2, after watching “Deathstroke” you won’t forget her for sure. Besides some powerfull Thea scenes, the episode featured Isabel Rochev’s stunning return(with no intentions to leave soon) and some major game changers.

The episode started slowly with Slade kidnapping Thea and that going under everyones radar. But like a true Drama Queen Slade blasted the Mayor debate, between Sebastian Blood and Moira, with a video of the kidnapped Thea. In the middle of the events Oliver transfers his CEO rights to Isobel Rochev so he could focus on saving his sister, huge mistake written all over it.

With Felicity’s help Team Arrow finds Slade who played a really mind blowing mind game just to clear his name in front of the justice department and made a fool out of Quentin and the Vigilante.  An imprisoned Slade has a heart to heart with Oliver revealing it’s still all about Shado and the pain he felt and is still feeling after losing her.

Slade’s game continued and after getting away from Team Arrow, he released Thea but not before telling her Oliver’s secret aka the Secret Oliver was keeping from Thea.

At the Arrow layer Sara and Roy had a verbal face of with Roy losing faith in the decisions Oli made. And while Team Arrow was rifting apart, Oliver and Moira reconnected and forgave each others mistakes.

Roy eventually departed the Team but you couldn’t feel the impact cause of the twist Isobel put on the show. She took over Queen Consolidated and is working with Slade all along. After a quite interesting fist fight with Oliver, he learns Thea’s location. I really didn’t expected she was part of team Deathstroke and her character got meaning all of the sudden.

Oliver went to face Slade but only encountered a bunch of minions. While Thea was released and walked into the Police station. You really could feel the pain and desperation on Thea’s face and body, she acccused her family for keeping her Parternity from her. As Thea walked away from her family, Roy walked out of the town.

Slade in the mean time abducted a bus full of Prisoners. Making them his newest Mirakuru lab rats and they will using the Queen labs to convert them.

Laurel had just 2 scenes this week but in the 2nd Slade revealed to her that liver is the Arrow. Game changer!!!! How will this effect the show no clue!!!! But it will be epic.

On the Island 5 years ago: Sara trades the Ingeneer for Oliver but intended to blow Slade up. But his Mirakuru power let him smell the explosive. He now intended to kill Sara but a Shado halucinations prevented him from doing so. He left them on the Island to die.

ICYMI 1&2 Felicity dropped Barry once more into the show, and she and Oliver had a moment when she told him to do what ever it takes to end this mess with Slade.

Fans all over the world speculate where the season is going. What is Slade’s overall goal? What role does Amanda Waller has in all of this? Where did she meet Slade? And is Isobel Rochev Slade’s daughter Rose Wilson aka the Ravager?

An extraordinary episode ended and set up a perfect 5 episode season finish. It’s unclear who will survive this season but the season will go with  a boom. The next episode airs on April 15th and besides an epic Team Arrow vs Deathstroke,  we will see Flash alums Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon stop by in Starling city.


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