The100 Review: The Earth won’t take away Ur sins


What to expect from an episode called “Earth Kills”? A lot? Or? The 100 third episode was on par with the previous outings but at 1 point the show needs t raise it’s game.

You must love how idealistic Clarke is, her looking after the injured Jasper and the But things starting to get out of her hands. The flashbacks featuring Clarke, Abi and Clarke’s father were great, I saw a lot of her father in her and the grudge she is holding against Wells was deeply burned into her skin. As usual there was a mission of the day and Clarke, wells and Flinn went ona search for seaweed. On their way they encountered a green smoke cloud that started to hunt them and followed towards the 100 camp. Smoak attacking people is so 2004, Lost Pilot.

Either way this green toxic smoak imprisoned Clarke and Wells in a car and she finally confronted him for his betrayal and proved that deep inside she is just damaged teenager no matter what she is showing to the outside. With fhe help of Finn we come to the conclusion that it wasn’t Walls who betrayed Clarke it was her moher.

Ocatavia had issues on her own as Adam was Bellamy’s b*tch and wouldn’t interact with her. But she found a way to spite and kept spending time with Clarke’s people. Octavia and Monty tried to keep Jasper alive but with Clarke and Bellamy gone they were on their own with no one to help them.

Bellamy meanwhile contnued to play Alpha male and went on a hunt with his boy toys. On his road they encountered a confused Charlotte. It was strange to see Bellamy show kindness and compassionate feelings towards anyone. Him talking to Charlotte and givning her encouragment .

After the fog settled Bellamy found an intoxicated Adam dying from the consequences of the poisoning, Clarke encountered them as well but realized there was nothing she can do and killed Adam for his own sake. Bellamy’s Reign won’t hold for long if he continues to show his emotions so openly and if he let’s them control this massivly someone will take him of the Throne

After finally getting some medicine Jasper recovered but Wells payed with his lofe the sins of his parents. To get rid of her fears Charlotte took Wells life. It was a huge gamechanger and even though I feel sorry for Wells it was perfectly planted.

TWIST: Abi was the one who betrayed Clarke’s dad. And I think he is alive and well on Earth maybe even the leader of the Grounders.

ICYMI There were no present time scenes from the Ark.

ICYMI2 Finn found a bottle of WHISKY and the gang really enjoyed it.

The 100 delivered once again but I need more. I don’t know what but I need to connect more to these guys and their destiny but let’s see how the next episodes will unfold.


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