The Vampire Diaries Review: League of Unimportant Characters

the vampire diaries 5x16 sloan stefan caroline

A week has passed since the newest VD episode and I just now got the oppurtunity to watch “Rescue Me”. I know I said I stopped carrying after last weeks events but I’m addicted. I really hate what is happening to the show but I must watch it.

The episode continues the morning after Delena had that hot sex scene and Elena was a mess. Her attempt to avoid Damon backfires when she and him are sealed at Jeremy’s parent teacher conferrence. Preor to that Damon saw Jer spend some time with the new mysterious witch, Liv. The parent teacher conference turned out to be a nasty thing as Elena started to day dream Delena sex. To heat up things Liv attacked Elena at one point to prevent the Travlers and their plans but Damon and his sexy ass came and swooped away Liv. Damon decided to torture the truth out of Liv but Jeremy interfeered and saved Liv’s life by being the real older sibling and preech Elena. Where disappeared that Elena who put her friends and Jerem infront of anything else, especially her vagina desires. Shouldn’t her humanity be hightened?

Meanwhile Caroline and Enzo had a harder time to find Stefan’s doppelganger Tom than we all initially thought. Cause the vision Stefan had via Sloan’s traveler links were old memories and Tom wasn’t a paramedic for 4 whole months. This fact asked for more Stefan brainwashing what hit Caroline pretty hard. Paul playing another Stefan version was enlightening and I’m really sad that Enzo had to terminate Tom. Paul is a great actor and Stefan’s overly bland adtitude is keeping him from showing what he can.

But before killing Tom, Enzo took down Hazel, a witch assigned to protect Tom from the Travelers simce the day Silas died. Now it’s a bit clear why the Travelers weren’t active before, Silas was hidden and they couldn’t kill him. Before Hazel walked through Bonnie, as she is the Anchor, she gave her a message for Luke. He finally revealed himself as Liv’s brother. But he run away before Bonnie confronted him.

After the big blow out Jeremy seeked a deal with the witch Twins forming a little league of Unimportant characters, including Liv, Luke, Jeremy, Matt and Tyler. Jeremy than once more proved to be the smarter sibling and moved into Tyler’s mansion leaving his messed up sister behind.

Elena decieded to move on aswell and go back to Whitemore and she broke things of with Damn but her feelings are still alive. I hope they both evolve a bit, charactervize first before they got back together, cause currently they are endgame for the writers.

STEROLINE fans got a scene stealler moment when the two bffs meet up after a hard day in the office and confirmed to each other how messed up their lives are.
ICYMI Caroline proved to be the real catch her as her humanity prevailed over her desire to save Stefan (Charmed 2×21 episode feeling). Once more huge shame Tom didn’t survive last week.

ICYMI2 or decided to switch the channel before the episode ended. I have to inform you that Markus finally appeared. After the Travelers commited mass suicide with doppelganger blood in their system he exited out of our Anchor girl Bonnie.

A new VD airs in 2 weeks and we finally see what the infamous Traveler leader Marcos is capable of, as he “torments” Elena and Stefan with possible happy ending dreams. Creepy right?


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