Reign Review: I’m Friends with the Monster under my Skin


Reign’s latest outing “Monsters” aired a week ago and shame on me for just finding time to review it. But my lazyness didn’t prevent Reign to give us a new twisty episode we can gossip about.

The episode right off introduced the Queen of the Bean competition where a servent girl becomes Queen for a day. Surprisingly one of the Kings favorite traditions. The lucky girl Penelope (Kathryn Prescott, from Skins) became Queen and become the Kings new pray. The way Catherine scared Penelope with Henry’s sexual appetit was perfect. I really didn’t thought I would ever dig this show cause of Catherine and Henry. But Penelope wasn’t naive as presented first of, she knew what the King likes and played an interesting Domina to his crazy mind. Penelope wasn’t a naive girl, she was hitting for high places and wasn’t intimidated by anyone. Catherine gathered a new enemy and Penelope seems to be in for the game to stay.

Meanwhile Bash returned to the castle scared to death by the things the darkness made. But he wasn’t welcomed well but after dropping Olivia’s name even Francis started to believe him. Olivia convices Francis in the Darkness existance and he decides to hunt the darkness along Bash. The 2 brothers had some heartfelt moments on their mission but thing escaleted when Francis fall into a lake through ice, Bash barely saved his brothers life.

Greer had man trouble like all of Mary’s girls. Greer finally found a suitor, a promissing suitor from Bulgaria Lord Julien. But Julien catches Greer liplocking with Leith and deciedes to not marry her. After some urging from Lord Castelroy Leith is made soldier and so his death is prevented. This made Greer realize what a great guy he is an accepted his proposal.

But Greer’s lost is Lola’s gain as Mary and Greer agreed that Julien should marry her. Don’t forget she is a wealthy wealthy girl and apparently a pregnancy trumps that. I doubt Lola will carry out the pregnancy and maybe even die, but Anna Poppwell would be a great lose and her pain over losing a child would be a great story for her. But let first enjoy the story of Lola and Julien.

By the end of the episode Henry’s madness escalated and he confessed trying to kill Bash in the night of Mary’s and Bash’s wedding. He even ried to kill him now but Francis talked sense into him and prevented a masacre. But that wasn’t the end to the story Henry forced Bash to marry Kenna as the only solution to Bash possibly stay at court. Kenna gave the performance of the evenng by crying while getting married to Bash and screamng into the Kings face. Bash after the ceremony gave space for the Mash fans to glow high as he conffessed his love to Mary once more.

ICYMI Mary started realizing that Henry started going mad, who wouldn’t after he proposed a 3some to her.

ICYMI2 Nostradamus and Olivia kind of hooked up. Weird isn’t it?

Where is season 1 heading? NO CLUE!!! Who will die and who will survive is a to distant question and with 6 episodes till season end I think we will enjoy every single episode.


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