How I met your Mother: I said I’ve never gone lie to U


FINAL REVIEW I know I’m really late with this review but I couldn’t write this for quite sometime. I was so hurt that I couldn’t do it, I really couldn’t. I know it sounds silly this are fictional characters but it’s strange how involved we get with these shows and get hurt with the desicions the writers made. After writing some really hurtful comments on other Tv sites I decided to write my thoughts down.

The final 2 HIMYM episodes start with the wedding celebration, the goodbye and some delightful train station moments between Ted and the Granny, afterwards we walk through the next 17 years leading up to the events of year 2030.

We vitness The Mother tell Ted she is pregnant, Barney and Robin confess the group they got divorced and a really weird Halloween party. In all these scenes The Mother was perfect, her and Ted were genius and her interacting with the gang members was perfect.

Robin than got a throw back and realized all the mistakes she made by putting her career in front of her lovelife and hates herself for not stick with either Ted or Barney. But she never fought for any of them she just thought everything will fall in place while she worked her career. She leashed out on a heavily pregnant Lilly and disappeared out of their lives.

After this we spring to the year where Barney knocked up his last perfect month girl and become father of a beautiful baby girl named Ellie and she became the most important person in his life. Along the way Ted decided to propose the Mother again and in a beautiful ceremony who reunited the gang,Ted and Tracey(The Mother) got married.

And THAN we flashback to 2013 and the series titular moment and the amazing Ted finally met Tracey. I never had more gussbmbs than he moment I watched that scene. It was pure perfection I loved every single sible. And the love that grew between these amazing fictive characters is just captivating and mezmorizing.

But than came the worst thing ever, Ted’s kids convinced him to pursue Robin and the love he feels for her. Cause the kids are totally fine that their father told them the story about the love hee shared with his friend whom he knows for 25 years. I do not hate Robin, I was very fond of her thinking she was on a path to find herself and she found herself alongside Barney. And she just so easily rejected love in her life once more for her career and I don’t think Ted deserves that love after all this time.

After explaining how deeply and profoundly Ted loved Tracey and how that love made him be such a different person, the Ted Mosby we know wod never go back to this selfish love Robin shared with him and Barney. That is at least my opinion.

I wished the HIMYM chapter closed in a different way but no. I won’t watch the last 3 minutes of the final episode ever again but every other aspect of this final was more or less perfect. I laughed, I teared up, every character got conclusion and besides these last 3 minutes(sorry for nit picking) it was pure HIMYM perfection.


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