The 100 Review: These Skills are made for Surviving


“Earth Skills” was the 2nd but much better The100 episode. This show kept it’s promiss as CW’s most promissing new show.

Wess was the first one to prove his surviving skills as Bellamy and the others wouldn’t stop with the preassure on him. Early on in the episode he was pushed into a fight for survival and almost killed one of Bellamy’s lap dogs but Clarke and the rest of her crew prevented it. As the group returned(Clarke,Monty,Octavia and Finn) things heated up as Bellamy convinced people to trust him and take their wrist bands of. Clarke gathered a new group and went on a mission to rescue Jasper along with Wells, Bellamy and Murphy, Bellamy’s lap dog. Bellamy tried to take of Clarke’s wrist band but Finn appeared and saved the moment. Clarke vs Bellamy scenes are pure gold they make the show worth watching.

The rescue mission was a win as they found Jasper after some hard walking. Jasper catured on a tree as bate for a jaguar a like monster. The jaguar thingy almost killed Bellamy if Wells didn’t killed it with the gun he stole from Bellamy. The group returned to the camp with food and Jasper. A good day to be a survivor.

Octavia, played by the wonderful Marie Avgeropulus, played a game on her own as Bellamy forbid her to come along but instead of a hot sex seanse with a murderer she got locked up with Monty who was trying to make a radio. These 2 got a nice bonding scene and left space for further progression. After some time Adam released Octavia who found a nest of beautiful fluorescent butterflies and a sweet hook up ended the hour long bickering. Kudos to the animation department. But dam payed the ultimate price for smooching up with Octavia as Bellamy proved his cruelty and tied him up a tree for breaking his rules.

And while things heated up on Earth the situation on the Arc were just as interesting. After Jaha saw that 24 teens including his son are dead he took a turn for the worse and started to plan more executions. And while Abi was planning to prove the kids are alive Kane was plotting so he become the new leader. In an obscure voting at the council Kane was easy on his toungue to sacrifice people, cause his live isn’t at stake. Jaha eventually didn’t vote giving Abi 10 days to prove her theory. Abi enlisted Raven, a young mechanic, whos brother was sent to ground to help her space ship work to reach Earth.

I’m happy with the way the show is currently progressing and the preview for next week brings darkness to our survivors with death coming closer to our survivors.


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