Arrow Review: Anger makes the rarest Birds Fly


And it happened!!! The highly anticipated Arrow episode “Birds of Prey” aired last night and it wasn’t that saticfying in the Birds of Prey department but storywise once more a strong Arrow outing. Let me tell you how I saw it.

Everything started with a crime action were Peter Berteneli was captured once more. Alerting everyone that Peter’s daughter Helena will comeback to Starling city ASAP. Things got much more messier after Laurel was assigned as the prosecutor for the case. At the end the prosecution turned out to be a decoy to catch Helena. In a series of event Laurel caught hostage. Oliver and Sara were already in a bad place with Helena appearing and tenisions were raising. Eventually Sara as the Canary rescued Laurel, but she wouldn’t leave he other hostages. In a Birds of Prey fight the Huntress gained the upper hand, kicked Sara out of the window and took Laurel hostage. In a deep heart to heart between Helena and Laurel, Helena delivered the line of the night:

Once you let the darkness inside it never comes out.

Arrow and Canary eventually kidnapped Peter and delivered him to the Huntress in exchange for Laurel. The police busted the exchange and killed Peter in the process. The Canary eventually got the upper hand, we all expected, and almost killed the Huntress. Thank god Laurel appeared and pleged the Canary to spare Helena.

Afterwards Oliver visited Helena in prison and after quite some time we saw some really emotions from Helena. I’m glad she is alive cause the producers teased they already had a story in line for her.

Laurel forced her job back with a little blackmail towards district Attorney Kate. It’s funny to see Laurel in this stage not good not bad just surviving the world around her. Katie as Laurel got some freedom to express her character and it really makes the show better. At this point I understand her becoming the Black Canary but let’see if the writers have a different alter ego in mind.

Meanwhile after an angry burn out from Roy, Oliver forced him to break up with Thea. After Thea didn’t let him go he took drastic meassuers and cheated on her with an easy slut. This resulted with the episodes cliffhanger with Slade obducting Thea. I’m always surprised how Willa acts, she has so much expression in her emotions just perfect. I’m still hoping she moves to Central coty and eventually gets a story on her own.

ICYMI The flashbacks were progressing as well. After the explosive encounter on the boat, it wouldn’t drive and the only person able to repair it followed Sara to the island. Sara did what she had to and caught him and prepared to exchange him for Oliver.

As said earlier storyvise I’m happy with were the episode headed but as a Birds of Prey fan it was a lot underwhelming. For sure the episode had a great impact on the leading women(excluding Felicity) but didn’t form a unity for them.

Next week seems intense as Slade kidnapps Thea and pushes Oliver to his limits.


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