Once Upon A Time Review: Fear is for someone who has something to loose


And there went the Charming focus I was hoping for! OUAT’s latest instalment, The Tower, was mainly focusing on the male lead of the show and finally Josh Dallas got an episode where he was more than just stunnigly handsome. But this episode gave us much more than just David in action let’s break the episode down by the events of the 2 timelines.

The Enchanted Forest 9 months ago: The episode started with a dream sequence were David is confronted with his fear of beng a bad father. In a magic moment were David was dancing with a Cinderella alike Emma he is confronted with he fact that he lost Emma the last time he was in the Enchanted forest. The revelation of Snow being pregnant again only increased his fear of being a Dad(there goes my Theory about Snow carrying Aurora’s child. After an heart to heart with Robn Hood, Prince Charming went for a cure for his fears. On his trip David encountered a Tower and a Maiden n need. Our beloved Prince climbed the Tower up just to find Rapnzel in the chamber on top of Tower. Rapunzel(played by Alexandra Meltz) was trapped in tge chamber for so long that her hair grow and grew into a rope on which Charming climbed up. Rapunzel run away from her home Kingdom after her brother died while rescuing her. Rapunzel couldn’t face the guilt and the role of the uprising Leader of her Kingdom. In her mission to defeat her fears(the same cure David was loooking for) she reached he Enchanted forest but after consuming the cure her fear trapped her in the Tower. Her fear took a human clone form and tormented her everytime she tried to escape. After a confrontation and a heartwhelmng speech by Charming Rapunzel cliffed of her fears and left her Tower.

My overall impression about the last fairytale princess introduced to us is that Alexandra worked pretty well with what she got but that her character could’ve been used in a different more significant interaction. But let’s see maybe we’ll get more from her.

In the end Charming and Snow talked out his issues promissing they’ll do their best so that this baby doesn’t suffer the same fate as Emma. But this didn’t spare a memory free David Nolan to suffer in Storybrooke.

Storybrooke Current Time: The hunt for the WW continues and Emma, Hook and David are shifting into high gear as they found a berry in Regina’s office rederectng their search to the other side of the town. But David couldn’t follow as his wife ordered him home to meet the midwife. And it was a hell of a meeting. After the revealing that she captured Rumple Zelena revealed that she had his dagger aswell and that is the reason Rumle isn’t runnng away. In the most impressive scene Rebeca Madera gave us to date, Zelena revealed that her father was a drunk who tortured her and she used to shave him just like she shaved a tormented Rumple. Zelena provd she was a tinker and the reason she shaved Rumple was just so she could get a drop of his blood and open the safe in his shop just so she could get the herb aka cure from fears from the Enchanted forest. Zelena used the herb on David and brought his fears to life. In a fight against his “fear-self” David finally overcome his fear of being a bad dad but his blade got stolen by Zelena and according to Regina it contains all his new found courage.

Pre meeting up with David, Emma and Hook. Regina spent some quality time with Henry and it was wonderful to see them interact in a really calm way, cause the first 2 season were pretty dramatic between those 2. And Regina promissed Henry a big family and we know it’s true.  Emma and Hook spent some quality time together in their search for The WW and Hook still wouldn’t slip the secret were he spent the last year(we’ll have to wait 3-4 eps for that). But we all got a beautiful Captain Swan moment when Emma confessed that Walsh broke her heart once more. Hook countered with the perfect line:

If it can be broken it means it still works!

Eventually Emma & co reached the farm house where Rumple was trapped just to find an empty prison with golden straws all around. Revealing to the crew that Rumple is alive.

ICYMI Golden straws and a mad Rumple seem to represent the Scarecrow and a courageless David the Lion from OZ. The Writers are doing a great job in teasing us, but who will be the one without heart? Was The Sheriff supposed to be it? My next Target would be Hook?

A solid episode once more and I finally started to fall for Zelena’s wickedness. I was disappointed by Rapunzel but let’s see maybe she won’t join the Useless princess club( founding members Cinderella, Red and Ariel). It’s interesting Regina and Zelena didn’t share a scene in present time Storybrooke.

Next week seems to be really good as we get flashbacks to Neal’s and Belle’s hunt for Rumple including getting to know Lumiere(Belle’s candle BFF) and the aftermath of Rumple’s escaping his prison in the current time.


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