The Vampire Diaries Review: I stopped carrying


“While you were asleep” brought back Elena Gilbert to our lives and the whole Delena drama aswell and my overall impression was that I stopped carrying about Elena, she is the nly one to blame for her poor choices.

Elena woke up out of her trance and realized that she was imprisoned in her dorm by a spell cast by Liv, with Bonnies assistance of course. Elena was suffering under her blackout and was fighting her impulses. Stefan was there of course to hold her hand and a wierd moment happened as Elena confronted him about Katherine’s reason for staying and the kiss came up. And while Stefan went on a mission for the cure, Elena spent her day by trying to reach Aaron and talking to Damon. The talk to Damon was very sweet and I really felt the magic between them, and that is coming from a Stelena fan. Elena under the influenze of the new virus, wolfspain inhenced, had halucinations. One of the more entertaining moments of the show. Eventually her subconscions wanted to tell her something.

After one more of her halucinations Elena encounters Luke, the first relevant gay character in VD history. Apparently Kathlena and Luke were besties and her source of warm human blood. Elena almost turned Luke into a Vamp to saticfied her needs but backed down and sent him to find Bonnie and the witch. Liv and Bonnie arrived at the dorm and in a Katherine like move Elena stabbed Liv and gave her an ultimatum either she frees her or she dies. Elena escaped the dorm and encountered Damon, who previously threatened Matt’s live to get out. Their litterally made for each other. Damon confessed Elena the truth about Aaron, and than Enzo appeared with the antidote.

Caroline was meanwhile going through the Wes research and encountered Enzo. After some flirty punchlines, Enzo spilled the beans about a cure for the virus but they needed Stefan to get it. Stefan met up with Caroline,Enzo and the Travlers revealing that they need to kill the last remaining doppelganger so that the blood Stefan and Elena gave the travelers could work. At least according to Markos, the leader of the Travelers. It’s called heavy name dropping done by Enzo. Sloan intends to link Stefan to his doppelganger but Stefan and Caroline weren’t to fond of the idea but let it happen either way. Revealing the doppelganger is a doctor in Atlanta and Caroline and Enzo are hunting him down. Seems like the writers are pushing Caroline towards some sexy time with Enzo.

THE BIG REVEAL OF THE NIGHT: Luke and Liv are brother and sister. Dam dam!!!! Their connection isn’t the big deal, the thing drawing me to them is their conspiracy.

BIG MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: The Delena fight, maybe the best one to date. Really enjoyed every word they spoke. The follow up sex was nice aswell but the reason I stopped carrying about Elena. We can choose who we love and who we hate and with whom were going to end up.

MIA Tyler. Yes he wasn’t n the ep, should we be surprised no, should we be surprised if he is not the one to die this season YES!!!

At the end I must say it wasn’t that bad of an episode but I’m sick of the story jumping. After making such a big deal about the virus the Travelers magically created an antidote. I hope Julie cmes back to the show full time or they hire someone to do it right cause since Caroline Dries took over the story isn’t really going anywhere.

Either way I look forward to these last 6 episodes, cause no matter what Vampire Diaries knows how to close a season.


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