Reign Review: First Light

The Darkness

Over every single Reign there is some kind of “Darkeness”. But the same titled Reign episode really didn’t went there but had some extremely good moments to fill the void.

My favorite ongoing Reign story is the one around King Henry and his crazy sex drive. Henry wasn’t such a prominent character and I hought that like most Reign shows the father would be forgotten rather fast without leaving powerfull impression. But Henry prooved us wrong, his crazy sex drive gave the whole show a new dimension.And banging the new mistress to death in a 3 way with Kenna was something I didn’t expect. Kenna turned to Catherine and her interaction with Henry made the episode. Megan Follows Catherine is such a strong character and the words she useses are pure perfection. Kenna was terrifeid by the Kings actions and had a lot of luck that Catherine stepped in and prevent Henry to F the live out of her aswell. At the end the source of Henr’s frustrations were revealed as he confessed to Catherine that he is sick of women manipulating him and his life.

Lola and Mary were on a mission to save what’s left of their friendship by finding a husband for Lola ASAP, and the First light event was the perfect opportunity. This week prooved once more that Anna Popewell is a hell of an actress, and her aligible suiter, Philipe Oudin was one heck of count.The bad thing is I really liked him and he would be perfect if Lola wasn’t pregers. Eventually Francis stepped into the game as he knew Philipe wasn’t playing for the str8 team and decided to confess his affair to Mary to prove he cares about Lola for different reasons. And this secrer keeping wasn’t helping mary in her intentions to concive. An face of happened between the beaties were Mary practically forced Lola to accept Philipes proposal. Afterwards the girls made peace in a wonderful moment for the both of them. Once more Adelaide and Anna proved real strength.

Greer was on forced man hunt aswell. Even though she was madly in love with Leith she had to dinner with the weird wealthy man introduced earlier. The dinner went wrong as the suiter caught fire and Leith come to rescue. But thing got complicated when Leith got an offer to go to Spain and become something bigger than just a servent. Later it’s revealed that Greer arranged the job for Keith and that her family sent her a new suitor.

Meanwhile Bash was busy in protecting Raven and her family cause the Darkness chose their family for sacrifice at least one of them. Bash put all possible means in protecting hem but they put him to sleep so they forfill their destiny. The darkness eventually appeared and took a baby goat and Raven. This event will eventually push Bash back to the French court.

Olivia was meanwhile hiding in Nostradamus chambers. She wasn’t ready to face the world cause all the tragedy she intended to cause. We got some small insight in what happened to her in her time away. And a spark was born between Olivia and Nostradamus.

Once moee a fantastic Reign episode and now that the writers focus on all the characters the show is getting better and better.


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