The 100 Review: Radioactive


And just like the song “Radioactive”, The 100 Pilot left me hanging for more. The CW’s last show from the 2013 pilot season yesterday finally premiered and it was Great! I must say I had great expectations and the show’s first episode forfilled them all and left me hanging for more.

The show starts with a beautiful naration about how beautiful it would be to live on Earth, enjoy the sun just to realize she is living on a space station called the Arc. The story is told by Clarke, beautiful young girl who is drawing on the floor of her cell. After a nuclear catastrophe 12 suceeded to escape into the space and live there for 97 years, but supplies are running out and The Arc is literally dying and so is the human race. The Arc’s council decided to sent 100 teen crminals to the Earth to test if it is possible to survive on Earth.

One of those teens is Clarke, daughter of Councilwoman dr Abigail Griffin. Clarke didn’t commit any real crime she was accused to conspire against the council with her father who was sentenced to death. Clarke’s father was the first 1 to find out hat he Arc is dying and wanted to prevent it, but got eliminated instead. Clarke would’ve been eliminated aswell if she wasn’t underaged. Clarke is a strong young woman a capable leader and a person who follows her instincts and not her emotions. While flying to Earth withe the other 99 deliquents, Clarke has a heart to heart with Wells Jaha, son of Chancellor Jaha(leader of the arc, played by Isaah Washington). Wells asks Clarke to forgive him for the things happened to her father but she rejected even though Wells commited a crime just so Clarke wouldn’t be alone on Earth.

As the space ship landed we get to know other criminals (main characters) including Octavia and Bellamy Blake, Jasper, Monty and the charismatic Finn. After enjoying their first fresh breath on Earth, with the beats of the Imagine Dragons hit Radioactive,fractions started forming with Wells and Clarke having targets on their back for being “privilleged” kids. In the process Wells got hurt and couldn’t follow. Larke on her mission. Clarke being proactive as she could started to convince people t go to Mount Weather the place were they can find food. Octavia, Monty, Finn and Jasper followed, while Bellamy and Wells decided to stay.

The new formed group had some great interactions as they had a display of different characters, the Nerd(Jasper), the Gamer(Monty), the Player(Finn), the party Girl(Octavia) and the Brain(Clarke). On their way they they encountered a 2 headed Dear, a water snake who almost killed Octavia and flouroscent glowing mushrooms. Eventually they had to pass a river to reach Mount Weather and prepared a Tarsan like lian to swing over. To prove himself to Octavia, Jasper pushed himself to be the first one to cross the river. He succeeded but got killed by a spear, letting us know that ther are otger human like creatures on Earth.

At the camp with the other 95 “crminals” things heated up as Bellamy started a rebellion against the Arc and decided to destroy all the bracelets which were the last thing connecting them to the Arc. But Wells being his father’s son disapproved but was ulitimately forced to take of his bracelet. Bellamy is the most intruinging one of the 100. He wasn’t a crimnal, he smuggled himself into the ship with the other 100 and has a desperate need to disconnect from the station. He is the perfect anti hero.

ICYMI Octavia and Bellamy are the only siblings on the arc a law about overpopulation prevented people from having more the one child. Their mother hid Ocatvia for 16 years but was sentenced to death after revealing her existence.

Meanwhile on the Arc Chancellor Jaha got shot and Abigail, played by Paige Trucco, got sentenced to deathe for using to much blood during in Jaha’s life saving surgery. Councilman Kane(Henry Ian Cusick) was portrayed as the evil guy, as he wasn’t stoping at nothing to get rid off Abigail. Even though she was the bff of his lover CeCe(Kelly Hu). Eventually just moments before executing Abigail a still hurting Jaha appeared and saved her.

Things I look foward to:
-Octavia going all bitch on Clarke and Finn after they hook up.
-Radioactive Humans
-Jaha vs Kane power struggle.
-Bellamy playing his cards.

An overwhelming Pilot ended with some great cliffhangers and a lot of space to develop the story. I was sceptic about the show as I read mixed reviews but I must say people are to judgmental and should just let it be.


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