The Originals Review: An Original Party


I know I missed to review a couple of The Originals episodes but a got an afternoon off and “Moon over Bourbon Street” was taking a new and original view on the story we watched in previous 16 episodes. So I took my chances and wrote a review. This episode was what I imagined the show would be when it got announced and picked up. A fight for power, survival, love, hate and much more.

And looking at it now the first 16 episode were a completly different show and we now got something great to look forward to.

Things heated up as the French quarter didn’t had a real leader and “people” started to go wild really wild. But the hero, Elijah was on a mission to break things down and bring peace to all the people around him. Trying to put everything in place made him call a meeting between all those powerful fractions and half way hrough the meeting got busted by an overly pregnant Hayley and a misunderstanding just ruined things. Their intense chemistry is captivating and made things heat up on the party.Eventually Elijah seeked out help from Francesca, played by Peta Sergeant. And she is a hell of a human, great choice for a new human leader. Eventually all mighty players agreed to the pact but lenty thngs happened before.

Klaus was warming his empty heart with the red head witch, Geneviuve, in his bed. A month has passed since Bekah left and Klaus did everything possible to forget about it, he did a lot of Red head. Geneviuve is a pretty possesive girl and her setting a dream catcher camera into Cami’s apartment cause she got a bit jealous is a pretty big move. At the party Klaus played his own game starting to plot against Elijah and the peace he intends to bring to the city. Therefor he gave Jackson, Hayley destined husband werewolf, a moonring he found on his werewolf relative. The ring belonged to his mother and apparently is able to prevent a wolf from transforming, nut Jackson assumes he can turn with it when ever he wants. Not a smart move from Jackson if he really wants to to be an item with Hayley. But Klaus is playkng his old way again, instead of hybrding himself a bunch of Hybrids as a family he power plays wolfs into family. Klaus knows he and Elijah can’t be family after all the stuff happened to them.

Cami meanwhile was getting desperate in her intentions to safe her Uncle. Kieran was in a bad condition and unintentionally hurt his niece in one of his crazy moments. After some consodilation drinking with Marcel they had ravishing Vampire sex with Geneviuve watching via dream catcher. Got a feeling Gene is the witch working with Klaus. She jumped to easy into Klaus bed. Marcel was gathering an army for himself to defeat the Originals. After getting a witch, working on Josh and Davina, he got in good grace with Thiery and won him back.

Davina was finally back in action. Her former bff Monique Deveroux was bullying her around for using not being able to use magic. She than seeked Josh out. I really love these 2 together. After a BS move from Monique at the Original party Davina once more looked for consolodation from Josh. But a Marcel inspired Josh made Davina once more believe in herslef and her magic blossomed like never before.

An excellent episode once more. I loved hayley in charge, Cami is a great human lead and master mind Klaus has nice moves up bis sleeve. The Originals are going on a break till April 15 and it it seems like War is about to happen.


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