Pretty Little Liars Season Final Review: A is for the Unimportant Answers


After some really slow episodes of season 4, the series final (A is for Answers) provided some real action and put our 4(5) leading ladies in great danger. But once more we got many answers but the real important answer was left out. WHO IS “A”? But let’s first break of the episode and than will I complain some more. In the side story we witnessed the return of CeCe Drake and Melissa Hastings and the Hastings family in the police station.

Ally met up with girl with the help of Aria’s ex flame, Noah Kahn, once more proving that if you have a secret over someones head he will do anything for you. Spencer was still terrored by the idea that she could’ve been the one who hurt Ally, but fast she broke of that idea.

In a series of flashbacks Ally relived the night she was attacked to the girls. Everything started from the Ian-Melissa drama flashback were Ally got the opportunity to steal all videos Ian  and his “special” club took. Allison thought she had leverage and confronted Jenna over the video  of her and Toby but after another text from A came Jenna got her name crossed of the “A” list.

Than we forwarded to the night of the attack and saw Allison steal meds from her mother and drugging the Liars pretty easily. While the girls sleept Allison met up with Ezra and the story of Ally and Ezra was revealed. Allison met him at a bar near Holly’s. She put on a fake ID and made a move on him after googling the book he was reading. During the night of the attack they had a confrontation and decieded to leave things as they were, just friends.

Afterwards she met up with Ian, threatening to send him to jail. Alison thought that Ian or Melissa were “A” and threatened him. They fought hard and left things on a bad note but the way Ian acted assured Allison that he wasn’t “A”.

Ally went back to the barn and had to face Spencer. After a heated fight Spencer took a shovel and attacked Ally. But she tripped and her pills fall out of the jacket. A histarical Spencer bagged Ally to not mention it but Ally wasn’t the bitch this night and was a good friend to Spencer and kept it a Secret.

Allison than went back home and got attacked infront of her home and her mother witnessed it. Ms Di Laurentis eventually digged Ally’s grave  leaving Ally dying in the grave. Sasha put on a brilliant performance as she told the girls the story of how she was barried alive.

After escaping her grave, Ally was wondering the streets when Mona found her. So Mona new all the time and she seemed pretty  “A”-ish aand mastermind crazy. She put the fake death plan into Ally’s head and made her run away. Alongside it was revealed that Mona was already a Ally fanatic showing her season 2 layer was already there.

With one last flashback showing that Ally killed Ian to save Spencer, a ravishing “A” appeared and started shooting all the girls. The girls started running and reached to the rooftoop of Ally latest hiding place. Ezra and “A” appeared aftera physical fight Hanna snubbed the gun but “A” jumped over the roof to the other building leaving once more unharmed. Ezra in the fight got shot but it was previously revealed that he knew who “A” was. But he quickly lost it and faded into death( Ezra was confirmed for S 5 so don’t cry Ezria Fans) leaving the girl screaming for help revealing the girls are in NY city.

Hollbroke meanwhile played a nasty game with the Hastings. Interogating everysingle one of them, one by one.  Eventually the family reunited at the station seeming that there is a much bigger secret lingering over the family and it’s not the fake casket girl.  And Melissa told a secret to her father which seemed a huge gamechander! My question is what did Spencer or was Melissa who killed the girl? Or is it a mad Spencer twin? Does Jason has a sibling? 

The episode ended with “A” dragging Ms DiLaurentis body across a yard and barrying her into the ground. With one “A” hunting the girls and one barrying Ms Di Laurentis we can be sure that there are more “A’s” in Rosewood.

ONCE more we are left with more questions than answers and honestly I’m pretty frustrated. I love these actresses and if there wasn’t this huge love for them I would’ve quite the show long time ago. It’s seriously just a drag. I really believe that the girls could lead a show without “A” being involved cause we passed the unrealistic part  quite some time ago. Let the girls go to college and involve into new stories cause they can lead the show. They honestly proved it.


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