Once Upon A Time Review: Don’t You Remember


Did you have the need to sing “Sister Go Sister Go” from Lady Marmalade after watching this sundays episode of OUAT, “Witch Hunt”? The only flow that this part of OUAT has at this point is that  the pace is too slow and I need it to fasten up so so much.

In the Enchanted Forest:  After one more attack from a Flying monkey our team fast come to the conclusion that the Wicked Witch is the one they have to defeat, Regina in the process saved Robin Hood’s son and got Robin’s gradtitude in return. Regina took an underway passway to enter the castle and companioned by Robin we got some insight how these 2 could be an idle couple. On their way to the main chambers Regina noticed the chamber, which should’ve contained Cora’s body, opened but a spell was cast that a bloodline could break. This led to Regina’s encounter with the wicked witch, Zelena. Her current overall goal was to provoke an encounter with Regina. During this we found out that Zelena is Regina’s older sister born before Cora became royal and was shipped of to Oz apparently. There she was found by Rumple who thought her magic and thought to use her as a mean to get to “Our” world but apparently he choose Regina instead, I believe that her hate and devastation was the reason. I’m honestly not impressed by Zelena, Rebeca is not forfilling the wickedness I expected. I mean she has time to expand and grew stronger as a character I won’t condam her yet.

But with Zelena appearing Regina has something to life for again. Cause pre the meeting with Zelena she intended to cast a sleeping course on herself. And even though Robin poored his heart out and wanted to connect to Regina and her desire to just numb her pain. I’m deeply breathing in every scene they share.

Present Time Storybrooke: Emma had a lot to deal with as people were in panic for not nowing what happened and feeling like they just woke up the day after Emma and Henry left. The fact that people are taken by Flying Monkeys after leaving the city made them all go a lot crazier especial Grumpy. Emma and Regina started a mission to find out who brought them back and almost caught Zelena in her undoings. Over the course of the episode Regina and Emma grew a lot closer over Regina’s pain of Henry not recongnozing her. I loved their scenes together but the scene including the charming, Hook, Grumpy and Regina and revealing their enemy as the Wicked witch was hilarious.

One thing I enjoyed as well was a clueless Henry. Really lovely to watch especially as everyone tip toes around him.

The big reveal of the episode was Rumple’s fate for sure. A little crazy Rumple was caught in a cage by Zelena. Interesting.

ICYMI Red was all in the episode and it was good to see Fuby once more.

The show is heating up and I feel a great Season 1 groove as their memories are gone. Next week Charming is going on a mission to save RAPUNZEL.


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