Reign Review: Cheaters live longer at the French court


After an excellent episode featuring Mary’s big decision, a devilish Mother and a fabolous wedding this episode finally gave space for other “main” characters to shine. But don’t get me wrong Mary, Bash and Francis had enough issues on their own.

Let’s start with the funnier part of the episode. After The French accidently shot a boat, Henry and Catherine had a sudden visit from a Archduke(who’s boat they shot) and his sister. Henry saw this as a perfect oppurtunity to forfill his promise to Kenna and promise her to the Archduke and finally send her of to the married lands. But things for a pretty snarky Kenna were not going so well for her but made me laugh pretty hard at moments. And while Kenna was trying to capture the Archduke attention, Henry was making a move on the Archduke’s sister and accidently “loved” her through the window into secure death. In a act of desperation Henry called Catherine to his help and Megan follows gave one of the most hilarious Reign performances of season 1. Catherine used her mastermind scheming skills and fixed Henry’s mistake and covered the Sister’s death as an act of shame for sleeping with a priest who fortunaetly for the Royal par was dead as well. The only one who was screwed in this story is Kenna cause her Archduke couldn’t bear the dearh of his sister and left the court ASAP.

Meanwhile Mary and Francis refurned from their 2 month long honeymoon and the Royal juniors, especially Mary, were under preassure to concive a child. Upon returning to court Mary was blind sided by Bash, who claimed that Francis tried to kill bim. Mary shocked by the fact had started issues with Francis. After a truly inspiring and truthful speech by Francis about being powerful and able to set up fake stories and that their emotions should give them enough security Mary backed down with that problem,
. But on the horizon was another issue for the Royal wannabies as Mary found out that Lola was pregnant carrying her royal baby. Mary was shocked and once more I fell in love with the writing. This show isn’t really backing down and say things straight up without fearing about storaging the momentum. The face off between the friends was pretty intense and Lola practically baged Mary to give her one more chance to resolute “the issue” on her own. And along the way Mary got her first big secret to keep from her hubby.

And there was Bash! Alianated from the life he used to live and convinced his brother tried to kill him he become a pure looner and fought his way through the dark woods. There he encountered a delusional Olivia, who went missing in “Left Behind”(107), and a toboyish Hunter Rowan. Olivia eventually killed the earlier mentioned Priest while announcing to Nostradamus that they are coming.

After Mary turned her back to Bash by telling him he can’t care for anymore for her cause she is married and that she doesn’t need his protection he moved along and started something with Rowan. This Rowan story is just to simple, she is probably a more important character in the whole pagan cult and will use Bash to set a trap to the Royals.

This was a great episode to keep up the tension the show was build on. The love triangle isn’t that dominant anymore and can’t be such a big deal anymore. So using the supporting main characters is a great way to keep the show interesting. If they want to keep the audience they need some strong casting choices to draw some audience etc. etc. Next episode can’t come soon enough.


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