Rebekah Mikaelson: The demise of an Überwoman


I must say if she would ask me to marry her I would marry Claire Holt right away. She is so beautiful, she seems so warm hearted so simple just pure perfection. But it seems like she has a problem with commiting or better said staying with projects cause after leaving H2O – Just Add Watter after 2 season(at it’s prime) she decieded to leave one of this fall seasons hit’s The Originals, just after 16 episodes into it’s freshman run.

No official statment was taken as the news of Calire leaving the show broke, just a few minutes before Rebekah’s final Originals episode as a series regular aired. I don’t know the reasons behind her desicion and I don’t even want to talk Claire bad but I will really miss this hell of a women on my screen every Tuesday.

Now let me present you the case of Rebekah Mikaelson, the most emotional Original Vampire who barely saw a glimpse of happiness in her 1000 year long life. 1920 Bekah was an emotional bloodsucking girl loyal to ger brother and their run from their overly evil father Mikael but she was so profoundly infatuated with Stefan, that she chose him and her love for him over her brother Klaus. Klaus couldn’t handle it and decided to put her to sleep with the silver ash dagger. Present time Rebekah was introduced as the spoiled, bitchy, selfobssessed half sister of Klaus Mikaelson and sister of Elijah. Rebekah acted out as a shallow person, looking around for fun and to protect the brothers she loves. But soon enough Bekah through away her cover and proved all emotions lingering in her soul. After getting stabbed by Elena for being a liability in their plan to kill Klaus, Rebekah was put on ice but resurfaced when Damon and Stefan awoke her and her sibling with the help of Elijah. This episode was another strong episode as she finally cliffed her wings from Klaus and his betrayal. But she stayed in Mystic falls cause her mothers wish to have their family reunited. This period was pretty intense as Esther turned on her own children, posessed Rebekah’s body and created an Ubervamp to kill them all. In the believe that Klaus was dead Rebekah caused an accident resulting in Elena’s death.

But than come season 4 and Rebekah finally got more space to shine. Her performance in episode 4 of season 4 of the Vampire Diaries was probably her best performance on this saga to date. Klaus decided to dagger her once more and after an emotional speech which caused me personally to tear up she was put in profound state just for knowing to much about the key to cure vampirism.

Eventually a cascade of events ended with Bekah getting undaggered and joined the hunt for the cure with Stefan’s help. Bekah’s mission to become human was a profound goal and now I’m really sad tgere wasn’t 2 cures cause that would maybe keep Rebekah by our side.

In a cascade of events Rebekah joined her family in New Orleans and decieded to stay to find Elijah and protect her unborn niece. Rebekah’s interactions with all castmembers of the Originals was strong but I really never saw it coming! I knew her making moves against Klaus wouldn’t end well but I NEVER SAW HER LEAVING THE SHOW! Who would see her leeaving the show, without any character conclusion, with so many space to go and grow. Rebekah going against Klaus was not a smart move but looking at it from this point it seems clear that the end goal was to sent Rebekah away. I thought Davina would protect Rebekah or bind her life to Hayley and make her stay. But no! At the end I must say it’s the lost of The Originals cause loosing such a leading lady is a bad bad move.

Overall Rebekah proved to be a selfless person, intouch with her emotions and a presence that could none of the other The Originals actors could top( beside Elijah probably). I really hope this is a marketing trick and that Rebekah will arive in New Orleans with some game changermove and plan to destroy Klaus or her niece cause they are to powerful.

I’m still waiting for a statement to end this nightmare for once and let Rebekah come back by the end of the season beggining of season 2.


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