Bonnie Bennet: A Witch treated really wrong


First of I must say Witches in general are treated pretty bad in the world were Mystic Falls is a real place and were the New Orleans French court is a supernatural mayhem. Julie Plec and Kevin Williams, in the earlier seasons, aren’t big witch supporters. Only in this fall season around 10 witches died in The Originals first 16 episodes.
Witches have been disposable means for the writers, antagonists to our crew of Anti-Heroes, especially if you look at the current season of the Julie Plec written shows saga, witches are dying like flies.

But let’s get back to the case of Bonnie Bennet. Bonnie Bennet, played by Kat (Katherine) Graham is portrayted as an aspiring witch willing to do everything for her friends. This willingniss to sacrifice everything for these girls she grew up with and with whom she is deeply in love made her the one to lose the most along the curse of this 5 seasons. And it isn’t about the fact that she lost a lot it’s about that character growth and individual development wasn’t in the picture for her. And it sucks!

Back in season 1 Bonnie was just getting into her powers and was right of the first one to suffer a huge on screen lost after the revelation of the Salvatore Vampires. Her Grams died after breaking the spell that their ancestor Emily Bennet cast 150years ago. This lost was meant to push her character into a rightful witch willing to fight against the Vampire and their undoings. But the writers backed down, Bonnie was pushed to the bendge and let Elena’s emotion work against her.

As the show went into Elena Protection mode, Bonnie transformed into her witchy bodyguard just strong enough to provide the most idle solution for Elena’s save keeping. But as time progressed Bonnie’s power was rising and after Jeremy betrayed her with Anna, her mother turned Vamp cause of the Elena and the witches using her to transform Alaric into UberVamp her powers took the best of her.

She became a shall of herself and appeared in less and less episodes along Season 3 and especially Season 4. But appeared in the most convinent moment to svae the Mystic Falls world. At the end of her with days she made the ultimate sacriface and used her powers to the limit and resurected Jeremy from the dead causing her to die.

Season 5 was a huge ride for Bonnie as she was featured mostly on the otherside and spent her time with the Ghost Whisperer, Jeremy restarting their love along the way. In a mission to kill Silas Bonnie replaced Amara as the Anchor for all the Supernatural beings on their way to the other side. The game changer in this whole story was related to the pain she was feeling everytime a ghost passed thourgh. The moment it happened I was in for it, I thought Bonnie would finally get some development some clearer character markings cause she wasn’t a witch anymore. But the writers once more lost the momentum with her but gave us an interesting scene in the last Vampire Diaries episode, Gone Girl. As Katherine wasn’t allowed to pass through Bonnie to her daughter it wasn’t up to her, what is Bonnie really seeing on that other side who is living in that Limbo beside her.

And here we came to the Reason I’m writing this piece about Bonnie. That church scene in the last episode once more proved Bonnies acting talent/skills. The way Kat Graham is able to portray pain, rage, devastation, love or even happiness is just tremendous. I mean Candice as Caroline showed of the a lot of emotions as she was featured more permenant throughout the show but Bonnie is so captivating just idealic so reliable to watch.

I’m still hoping that Bonnie isn’t a lost cause and that the writer wilk do Kat Graham’s amazing talent justice.


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