The Vampire Diaries Review: Even a Brilliant Survivor has to die once


“Go Girl” was one of the better VD episode’s (with the lamest title) in this season as Katherine finally got to die but a real Petrova doesn’t leave without doing real damage.

During her awesome 6 episode run we saw a lot of Katherine’s sides and all these moves she made since stealing Elena’s body were a homage to her 500 years long life. The episode over all started slow as the gang gathered and brain farted about the reveal that Katherine inhibitited Elena’s body and as they tried to lure in Katherine they forgot they were working with a Mastermind.

Katherine and Nadia (who was dying from Tyler’s werewolf bite) quickly figured out that the crew are on their trail, but the final confirmation came after a call to Damon who fall right into Kathlena’s trap and agreed to talk out their last night blood thirsty moment.

Kathlena quickly moved herself and her dying daughter to a nearby church while waiting for Wes to bring the cure to them. Wes of course wasn’t into that at all, he just needed the wolf’s spain to improve his vampire killing serum. But this was Wes last scheme as Damon killed him after running out of the now already famous Salvotore prison.

Damon was especially snarky this episode as he wasn’t able to do much cause of all these chains and his sexy smile and big mouth got him out of the cell. Tyler’s emotions were still hightened from Caroline’s betrayal and an easy bait for Damon’s need for revenge.

But back to our hunt for Kathlena as Bonnie and Jeremy enlisted Liv, the witch from 3×13(Total Eclipse of the heart), to find Katherine. Liv was willing to coorparate as Jeremy caught her eye and she perfoemed the locator spell in a pretty different manner than BonBon thought her. This and the fact that she flirted with Jeremy raised Bonnies alarm buttons but she didn’t had time to dig into that mess.

The locator spell brought the gang to the church but they only found Nadia, while Katherine was going to Wes for the “cure”. Katherine made a desperate move as she just found a dead Wes and Stefan was luring her with her dying daughter. She decided to see her daughter one last time but went out with a bang as she injected Wes newest serum( the one with the wolf’s spain) into Elena’s body.

Katherine arrived at the Salvatore mansion and said goodbye to all of our main characters in her special Petrova way. But honestly she was right she transformed these bland characters(remember season 1 Tyler and Caro, and preview Damon) who would die in pure oblivion in mighty beasts. And after one last liplock with her 1 true love Stefan the Travler dragger took Katherine’s spirit out of Elena’s body.

Bonnie if you remember the Anchor through which all Supernatural beings has to pass through. So Katherine decided one time to do things like everyone else but some mighty powers prevented her from crossing over. So with some special wind effects Katherine was dragged away from Bonnie’s side into the dark(according to co-executive producer C. Dries she is in hell). I strongly believe that Katherine will be back at one point I mean we need to find out whom she screwed over to get this treatment.

ICYMI Nadia had some fabulous flashbacks showing how she was her whole live searching for Mother. She hated Katherine all her live for abandoning her but she had to find her she had to meet her. But there is one loop hole!!! Accordingly to the Story back in S02 doppelgangers followed the blood line and Elena and Isobel were decendets from Katherine acctually from Nadia as well. So Nadia abandonet her daughter/son aswell.

A great episode for VD and a great way to conclude Katherine’s story. Looking forward to Elena in Vamp killer mood.


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