Reign Review: Execution trumps Consumation


“Consumation” as Reign’s 13th episode was initially planned to be Reign’s series final, but the show was picked up for a full season(and 3 weeks ago renewed for a 2nd season) and we were in for a treat.

Things heated up as Marie de Guise, consort Ruler of Scottland ans mother of Mary, appeared at the French court. Right away Mary and Marie developt a strong interactions and Amy Breneman was shining as always. The balance between her well intentions and ruller obligations was going on strong. The scene when Marie confronted Catherine for her mal doings and inabillity to protect Mary was probably one of the best in Reign history. Marie was so rational in every move she made and as an Amy fan I was really happy with every line she said.

Mary may be the Queen but I’m Scottland’s King

Meanwhile Nostradamus had a change of heart/vision. From the moment Clarissa died his visions of Francis death changed or better said disappeared and after letting Catherine know a cataclysm of events started where Francis had to face his Brother who was about to enelop with Mary. Bash and Francis started a fist fight which got interrupted by Mary.

After this mash up, Mary confronted Catherine with the truth.

How should I trust you when you have so much to lose.

The bond these actresses have is a strong foundation and the show stands strong. But even though Catherine is willing to die just to prove she is honest in her intentions. But Mary wasn’t sure whom her heart is about to choose.

Things got even more complicated as a messenger announced that the current Queen of England died and Henry tried to force marriage upon Mary and one of his sons. Mary bravery stud up and was unable to make a decision till Catherine appeared with a false letter from the Vatican.

Mary finally decided to marry Francis and left Bash (and Mash shippers) devestated. Mary pledged Francis to don’t punish Sebastian for the actions he took. Honestly this is the best thing which could’ve happened to Torrance. Bash seems to go dark dark according to promos.

The next day a great wedding happened and Mary looked more stunning than ever. Marie gave the wedding day a special touch and I knew right away that she gave the messenger money so he would lie about the well being of the Queen. Mary after founding this out she shunt her mother out of France, cause she is the one with power.

ICYMI Kenna shamed Lola for sleeping with Francis(well deserved) but Lola that happened after Lola tried to shame Kenna for sleeping with Henry once more.

ICYMI2 Clarissa sent a message to Nostradamus showing to all of us she is alive. This let Nostradamus to have a vision once more seeing that Francis won’t live to long after all.

The Consumation per say happened with all the our main characters watching Frary having sex including Bash.

The best episode of Reign was so amazing and I can’t wait for the next episode and all hell to break lose cause Mary will find out abput Francis and Lola and it seems that Lola has a bun in the oven.


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