Once Upon A Time Review: Wicked is the new Black


The HIGHLY ANTCIPATED spring premier of OUAT was a real treat for everyone. No matter for which Fairytale character you watch this show, everyone had it’s moment. So if you’re part of the Captain Swan army you’re happy for sure, if you love Belle you’re intruiged, Regina lovers had their hearts racing for sure and fans of our dear Charmings are probably still screaming after the Baby bump was revealed for sure. (even Ruby fans got a glimpse of our favorite werewolfgirl).

The Enchanted Forest: The epsiode starts with a sweet moment between Aurora and Philip who were enjoying in her pregnancy. Suddenly a Purple fog appeared and brought our favorite fairytalers into the Enchanted Forest. After deciding that the smartest move is to leave for Regina’s castle we vitness a strange moment between Aurora and Philip were they decide to throw our crew under the bus and alert “SHE”(we know it’s the Wicked Witch of the West, Zelena, but they tried to make it mysterious). Their fear left me hanging for more about these monstrous WW.

The rest of the Enchanted Forest story mainly focused on Regina and her pain of leaving Henry behind and a nice eye to eye with the sweetest thief in the Forest. Regina was broken and the fact that she had to leave with all those people and go back to the castle where she spent the most miserable time of her life was just to much. So she decided to burry her heart in the middle of the forest. After an overwhelming heart to heart between Regina and Snow, Regina decided to keep her heart and be part of their little family.  After this a Flying Monkey, cough Wicked witch cough, attacked Regina and Snow and made gave Robin Hood a chance to be a hero. An eye to eye moment happened between the two loners and put up a nice platform for upcoming interaction.  They reached the castle only to notice that a spell prevented them from entering it.

ICYMI Robin was happy to see Neal (met in 3×03) and Belle (I almost forgot they met in 2×19, when Robin was played by an other actor). Neal and Belle shared a moment aswell, as they both are believing that Rumple is still alive and Neal believes he is the key to getting back to Our World. And Emille deRavin had that psycho Clair look we all fall in love with in Lost‘s 6th season.

ICYMI2 King David Charming looked really stunning in his middle age suit and pretty long hair.

ICYMI3 The Wicked Witch used Regina’s blood, abducted by the monkey, to complete a spell?

MIA from the Enchanted Forest was Mulan. As in latest development(3×03), Mulan joined Robin and his Merry men but last night there was no sign of her, I hope it gets adressed at one point.

Our World: Things continued the day Hook busted into Emma’s apartment.In the evening Emma was on a romantic date with her new boyfriend Walsh, played by Covert Affair’s Chris Graham. After Walsh went to the bathroom Hook busted into Emma’s life once more. And even though she doesn’t remember him, every scene they shared made my Captain Swan heart beat harder. Their moments were just captivating and energizing at the mean time. They are damaged in a pretty similiar way and they just connect as the camera starts to role.

Hook used Emma’s previous trip to NewYork to jug her memory and raise suspicions but Emma was finally hooked as Hook gave her pictures of her and Henry in Storybrooke.  After drinking the potion Emma got her memories back and finally decided to go back to Storybrooke. Hook revealed that someone cast the curse once more and that her family is in danger.

Emma was about to end things with Walsh as he revealed himself a Flying Monkey send to prevent Emma from saving her family once more.

ICYMI4 Henry is completely ordinary boy, he talks about magic and stuff just like all we regulary people do. And it was really etertaining to watch.

Storybrooke: Emma and Hook arrived in late hours in Storybrooke and Emma was going rightaway to face her family and see in what state of mind they are as she assumed that they don’t remember her. But as David opened the door you saw he was relieved to see his daughter. But the really shocker came as Mary Margaret/Snow faced her daughter with a pretty big baby bump.

My Guess: It isn’t David’s and Snow’s baby, it’s Aurora’s and they saved the child cause they couldn’t save Aurora.

Question hanging in the air: How did Hook escape the curse? Is he working with Zelena?

The premier was stunning and set thing in line for great things to happen. I literally can’t wait to see the WW’s Storybrooke alter ego, Zelena.



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