The Following Review: U must love the Hunt


I really didn’t see this coming!!! The Following took an interesting/deadly turn as some interesting game changers took the show on a new level. Sacrifice started of slow but it gathered momentum and so becoming 1 of The Following’s best episode.

Lily started her revenge towards Ryan for busting her plans and killing her son. But the thing Lily didn’t knew is that Luke is alive. Seems like Mike didn’t beat him enough. After Lily kidnapped Max with the help of the Huntsman. Ryan had a heart to heart with Luke and got some intel about the Huntsman. Ryan and the FBI found Kurt’s, the Huntsmans, family and with a bit of molesting a 12-13 year child got the information they needed. Max meanwhile proved to be a real Hardy as she tried to mind game Kurt and force him to hunt her down. He was quite strong willed but after some moves from the Hardy school of battles Max escaped into the forest and Kurt started his beloved Hunt. But he got shot by Ryan before getting to Max.

On the other side of The Following universe Joe and his girls, Mandy and Emma, tried to become members of the Korban Community. But things weren’t going so smoothly as you would think. After a rough introduction into the community, Joe was brought to the Cult’s leader, Mikah(played by Medium’s Jake Weber). After an interesting face to face between these 2 cult leaders Joe was sent on a polygraph with Mikah’s wife Julia(Jacinda Barrett). It was an interesting moment, cause how could you catch a perverted liar as Joe in a lie? Julia proved to be pretty resourceful and had a great chemistry with Joe. But Joe and his girls were accepted into the cult but had to go through a initiation which Emma barely survived. Tensions are growing and I’m just curious to see Joe try to take over the cult.

The episode ended with one of the most emotional The Following scenes of the season as Lily executed her Revenge on Mike’s dad and Mike broke into pieces thankfully Ryan was there to be his rock. I love their bromance it just works perfectly.

A said earlier a powerful The Following episode made my evening go wild. But where are we going from here? We’ve past almost half of the season and Ryan and Joe didn’t even meet! Lily has cruel intentions of her own, what is her ultimate goal? How will she bust Luke out of the Hospital? Will she go up against Joe aswell? So many questions! My Mondays keep getting better.


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