Teen Wolf Review: History Lessons


“The Fox and The Wolf” was one of the more boring episodes of Teen Wolf season 3B. But it’s one of the most be episodes of every season to let us know why things are happening. The episode was filled with flashbacks and not to much present time development. It’s a shame cause all we wanna know is what will happen to Stilles and we are just 3 episodes away from the season final.

In present time StillesTsune payed a visit to Mr Yukimara and poisoned him with a fly making Scott, Kira and Mrs Yukimura run to rescue him. Kira confronts her Mom to tell her the truth about what happened back in 1943. Besides that we find out that Mra Yukimara aka Noshiko is 900 old.

As said the episide was filled with flashbacks and so we all flashed back to 1943 and let Kira’s mother told the story of her last face of with the Nogitsune. Noshiko tells the story of how she fall in love with Corporal Rhys and how they started to see each other. Noshiko’s people started to get sick and die from pneumonia. Noshiko and Ryhs find out that the doctor is seeling out the medication. A devastated father,went mad after loosing his son and throw a Molotov cocktail and burned Ryhs alive. Noshiko was along the victims and The doctor, Hayes and Oliver tried to cover up the masakr. Noshiko couldn’t let it happen and summoned up her ancestors for the Nogitsune spirit to punish the ones who wronged the people around her. But the Nogitsune possesed Ryhs instead of her and the Nogitsune went all out and made a masakr of his own. Noshiko eventually healed and with the help of previously revealed werewolf Sotomi and her powerful swored she was able to defeat the Nogitsune.

In present time Noshiko says Kira must repair the sword as she is a ThunderKitsune and Kira succeeds in it with a blasting swype (fox fire) of her hand. Noshiko reveals that the only way to save someone from the Nogitsune is to kill him, leaving Scott terrified and Kira seemed to have realized her destiny.

Back in present time Argent and Derek aligned with the Sheriff to capture Stilles. Allison is called up to help and starts to patrol with the Sheriff. In a moment of weakness Allison has a breakdown and the Sheriff conforts her. Crystal Reed played a nice breakdown here, showing of her pain, her unstability was really nicely. After a heartwarming hug the Sheriff gets a text finding out that Stilles is at their family house. The group met at the Stillinski house and saw a message from Stilles on the Chess board. Concluding our heroes to head to Derek’s loft as that seems to be Stilles current location( and if I recall well that was the place were Derek was shot in the extended promi from last week).

Overall a good episode, even though Teen Wolf’s flashbacks doesn’t really do it for me. But with just 3 more episodes left till the big season final I assume all hell will break lose as the show come back next week.


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