Star-Crossed Review: A day in the Sector

Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend

Maybe it’s me! Maybe I just love this cheese stories, maybe I’m just to idealistic but Star Crossed is becoming a guilty pleasure of mine. “Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend” was a great episode pushing the story and characters, especially Emmery to a new Limit.

The atmosphere at Marshall High & city started to heat up as the 10th anniversary of the Atrian arrival came close. So the initiative who put the Atrian7 into the school arranged some Humans to visit the sector. Between those Humans of course Emmery, Taylor, Julia and Grayson.

Julia had some issues on his own and they involved Roman and his previews actions of saving Julia. The Cyper-Blood cure started to spread through Julia’s veins and made her glow in the dark. So Roman had to find a way to cure her. His Uncle Castor told him about the Wire, a plant grown by the Yuwabas. Teri is a Yubawa but wasn’t really into helping Roman after he pushed her out of his bed, but she saved him from a painful torture as he and Julia broke into the Yuwabas plant house. Eventually Teri did Roman the favor and gave him the wire to save Julia. Malese put on an interesting performance and I really believed in her fear of being a lab rat. Think this Wire will do more harm than good, maybe even turn Julia into a cross-bread Atrian.

Castor meanwhile continued his game not really revealing his intentions or whom he really trusts. But he took over the role of the Romeo&Juliet family members trying to push the potential couple apart. But wasn’t really successful as Roman stepped up at the arrival day and held a speech about how amazing Emery was to him. Their connection was just lingering in the air even though they barely spoke to each other.

Emmery spent most of the episode hanging out with Grayson who offered her to help make interviews while in the Sector. But apparently Grayson’s parents tempered the material and made a video show how full of anger the Atrians are. Emmery found this out and had a pretty big fight with Grayson. He seemed genuine as he told he didn’t know about his parents messing with the video. It will be interesting to see people Grayson struggle between his obligations to his family and his emotions towards Emmery.

Drake continued on his rogue path and really fast became a Trag on his own. It wasn’t his abilities which promoted him it was his abillty to leave the Sector that secured him a place in the team. Vega, the leader of the Trags and Teri’s mother, put Drake on the mission to infiltrate the Atrian’s ship. With the help of Teri, who decided to join the Trags after Roman’s speech about Emmery, Drake obtained Black Cyper from the ship. Black Cyper is a pretty dangerous plant ask Officer Beaumant . Ohh you can’t cause Vega used it to kill Beaumont for being a Traitor.

ICYMI Gloria, the human standing behind the Atrians, has an Atrian child. Yes she has a hybrid child and that shows her motives behind this effort to make the Atrians intergrate into the human world. One thing is just unclear is Gloria an Atrian makes as human or did she had a child with an Atrian. If she slept with an Atrian I assume it was Nox and the Kid is Roman’s brother/sister.

A good episode, I hope you all enjoyed it like I did. I’m really curious to find out about these mysteries they are pushing towards us.


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