How I met your Mother Review: A wedding freakout


“Vesuvius” was a laugh filled episode but in the same episode I got really scared for Ted or the mother but later on that.

First of we flashforward to 2024 where the Mosby’s are spending a weekened alone at the Farahampton In. They ultimately realized all of each other stories. And they’ve become an old married couple and how sweet were they when they realized it. But it seems like there was one story that was untold.

Lilly got so overemotional about Robin get married today that she felt a big letdown when Robin didn’t share the same enthusiasm. Instead she was breaking things in her room playing hookey with her little sister Katie (played by the adorable Lucy Hale) and watching The Wedding Bride Too, the spoof that Stellas husband made about Ted. Eventually Lilly tried to push Robin’s button with stealing her photographer and take new wedding pics of her and Marshall, she even packed her dress and wear it, at this point The Mother remembered the story and told it for Ted instead. The story ended with Robin’s mom appearing and having a great It’s my wedding day moment.

Ted and Barney were meanwhile picking out the perfect suit for the wedding and it was more than hilarious. Barney telling the stories of how and whom he picked up in those suits and Ted flipping out on him vintage HIMYM moments. I’m so gonna miss this show.

And now the scary part! A lot of peiple started to discuss why is Ted telling the story to his kids? People assume the mother is dead, sick or something and this week the writers showed that in 2024 something was majorly going wrong. In one flashforward scene the Mother told Ted he shouldn’t live in his stories and memories that he should look ahead into the future live for the future. And in revealing scene when Robin’s mother appeared the Mom told Ted that wasn’t a surprising end which mother wouldn’t attend her daughters wedding. This made Ted tear up and the mother conforted him right away.

So is the mother dying? Or did Ted’s mom die? We are 5 episodes away from finding out the truth. Hang in there guys, this will be a tough Final month.


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