OUAT : What happened and what ( I THINK ) is coming *Upadted*

Updated with some spoilers!


So how should I start to write about such an excellent show like OUAT. About 3 years ago when I heard what the show was about I was like “Ooohhh No I can’t watch it I will get hooked right away!” , and I was strong for quite some time but I accidentally watched the Pinocchio episode back in S01 and I just had to watch it ALL right away. I was just so caught up in the storyline, the characters, the relations between “our world” and the Enchanted Forest . The writing and acting really impressed me.  Of course this show isn’t perfect but and I will write about some imperfections later on but I really had to say how much I enjoyed the show.


– Once Upon a time in the Enchanted Forest Rumpelstilskin got abandoned by his son cause he wouldn’t let go off magic. He regret his actions  right away and tried to find a way to reunite with his son. Along the way he got psychic abilities and easily started to plot a plan which would force the Evil Queen Regina to cast a curse and take all the people from the E.Forest to Our World, the land without magic. That brought all these fairytale characters to our world. Of course every story needs a Hero and the writers of OUAT choose the most imperfect one, Emma Swan (Jennifer Morisson). Jennifer was so perfect in acting out all of Emma’s imperfections that she gained a lot friends and one huge enemy Regina Mills aka the Evil Queen from the Enchanted Forest or more important the adopt mother of her son Henry. The premise of the show revolves around Emma being reunited with her son, whom she gave up to adoption. After Henry comes to Emma he convinced her to stay in Storybrooke. The first season revolves around building up relationships between the characters and connecting these stories to the previous lives of the characters in the Enchanted Forest. The interactions between Regina, Emma, Mary Margaret( Emma’s mother and Enchanted Forests Snow White), Mr Gold (Rumpelstilskin) and others were really head  lighting the shows first season. And I was honestly shocked when they decided to break the curse and bring magic back in the Season 1 final. Till this moment the show was really going strong, the stories were well developing, the characters had a lot of space to grow.

-Then came season 2. This season featured a solid begging and interesting new characters with Captain Hook being the front runner, who soon got Regular cast member status (well deserved if I may say). Hook’s interaction with Emma were amazing, they have such great on screen chemistry and his bad boy charm really worked while he interacted with all characters on the show.  Emma & Snow were trapped in the Enchanted Forest while their family & friend’s were still in Storybrooke, with the help of their friends Princess Aurora( Sleepin Beauty ) and Mulan. They faced of Cora, Regina’s mother and Hook in a race to reach Storybrooke first. Eventually Mother & daughter prevailed and returned to Storybroke. But Cora & Hook followed. My highlight in the second part of season 2 was the “The Miller’s daughter” episode.  Rose McGowan just nailed the role of young Cora(icymi Rose is coming back for a season3 appearance) I really enjoyed every aspect of her character. The introduction of Neal aka Baelfire, Rumple’s son, Emma’s ex & Henry’s father,  was really changing the character interactions, every time he appeared on the screen it just felt tense, forced and unnatural. Later on in season 3 I liked him more and it was getting better especially his scenes with Rumpelstilskin were captivating.   The issue that came up with season 2 was in my opinion to many characters and to much lost focus. If the writers really wanted to introduce us to their Neverland there were so many better ways to do it than to use Greg and Tamara. I got their are villains but as a viewer I couldn’t connect to their motives and actions . And than came Neverland.

– As a kid I loved Peter Pan, the cartoon was so entertaining and Robbie Kay portrayed a strong Pan, he is a really gifted actor. But with this half season rushed storyline Neverland didn’t live up to my expectations. There were so many stories to tell so many history to dig in (ex.  Pan-Hook, Pan-Tinkerbell, Neal-Pan, Neal- darlings, Pan- darlings) and sadly it seems we won’t ever get there.  The other issue I had was Pan’s magic, I get he got it from the Island but why was he so strong, if he was so strong why wouldn’t Pan just kill Emma, Regina and the others . That would be the easiest choice, but he never even tried But that is the issue with so many core characters you can’t kill a Fairytale legend. I must say the Save Henry, Good Foam and Think Lovely Thoughts episodes were more than perfect, they gave great individual development but I’m still with my theory that  this Neverland story should last much longer than just 11 episodes. They should’ve bring Pan to Storybrooke, make him tempt Henry to Neverland and than make the whole cast rush to save Henry.

-At the end of the first half of season 3 ended with a huge cliffhanger as Pan activated Regina’s curse once more. In order to save them from oblivion Regina cast a spell that would stop the curse and bring all the fairytale characters back to the Enchanted Forest, everyone except Emma & Henry. Regina rewrote their memories and let them return to a carefree life without their messy lives. But in the closing moments Hook appeared and told a amnesiac Emma that her family is in danger. 

What ( I THINK ) is coming

-Season3B will feature the sudden return of our fairytale characters to Storybrooke. A year has passed since the characters have returned to the Forest and a sudden mysterious new vilian recast the spell that Once brought and them to Storybrooke. The episodes will feature present time ongoing developments and resolving the mystery of whom cast the spell, flashbacks to the year our characters spent in the Enchanted Forest and appearance of new Fairytale characters like Rapunzel, Lumiere, Wicked Witch, Blackbeard, Glinda, Wizard of Oz and possible Dorothy.

– Regina getting pregnant. As revealed in “Quite a common Fairy” Robin Hood was revealed as Regina’s one true love, in the same episode it’s revealed that Robin is a widower. So I need him to go all nasty on Regina ASAP. The main reason I think this will happen is if Regina has an other child she will love it just as much as she loves Henry so she will be able to see him again.

-Henry will stay with C. Gorham’s character in NY. He will either be Emma’s bf or foster brother.

-Snow or Rapunzel will be Dorothy and/or have already traveled to Oz.

– Major Captain Swan happening.

-More Prince Charming development, maybe some relative/friend from the Round table popping up.

-As revealed by the writers ONE core character will die by the end of the season. I assume Emma, Snow, Charming, Rumple(as he died already & will come back in season3B ) & Regina are save. So Belle, Neal, Hook are the one in danger. I think Neal is leading the race, closely followed by Belle and Hook as least likely out of this 3.

-The wicked witch seems to be related to Regina being her step sister or grandmother or whatever, but rumors emerged that it could be possible that Zelena(the WWW) is Snow’s sister as well. Cause Rose is coming back as young Cora and Eric Lange was cast as young King Leopold. But let’s see. 

I just hope the writers realize that the show succeeded in season 1 was because they were focusing more on the character development and interactions and not cause there were major villains and magical threats.

Be free and share your opinions on What (you THINK ) is Coming in the 2nd part of season 3!!


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