Black Sails Review: The 6th Sin, Betrayal


After watching episode 4 of Black Sails I already knew for sure we wouldn’t go on the big treassure hunt this season and second that this show wasn’t necessarily slowing down cause of it. This weeks episode, “VI”, had Betrayal written all over it. But when you are living between Pirates the first thing you should expect is Betrayal.

The only thing I hate about Black Sails is it’s timeslot. Saturdays are really not doing it for me, but except that I’m pretty fine with the show. Great character development, solid believable twists and a bit of nudity is what every good show needs.

The MVP of this episode for sure is Anne Bonny, played by Clara Paget. A character you barely noticed in the first 4 episodes started working last week delivered a perfect cue this week. Out of for us unknown reasons she was on a mission to eliminate some of her fellow crew members so decided to plot against them with the help of fellow power women Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New). Anne used Eleanor’s emotional attachment to the crew’s new sex slave, Max and the fact that Eleanor got defeated in a game and had to release Charles Vane and his crew to start a move against Hamund and his friends. Eleanor recruited John Silver to set a trap for Hamund and his money loving muscles. Everything went smoothly and Hamund and his men got executed by Eleanor’s people of trust. Last night we got a deep insight into Eleanor’s dark side and that she can be really terrfying if she needs to. But really tension started to heat up after the killing spree, as Anna’s boyfriend Jack wasn’t happy with her actions and fear the consequences of her doings.

MIA In meantime we just got a glimpse of Charles Vane tonight (don’t cry girls). As he was on a mission of his own after last weeks enlight.

While things started to slowly heat on ground things on Captain Bryson’s ship were blowing apart literally. After Capt Bryson and his remaining crew member layered themselves into a part of the ship threatening to blow up the ship. So Flint and his crew had to thing a fast and smart solution here. After a failed attempt to infiltrate the layer, Flint thought of another plan and as he recruited Morley for it he started to push against his Capt. desicions as he already doubted in him cause of the whole Mrs Barlow situation. Morley asked Billy to support him, but Billy was thorn already as he previously found a letter Mrs Barlow dedicated to Flint’s eventual capture. But a move of the captured afro american slaves, made their argument fall apart and start a final move against Bryson and his remaining crew members.

The Slaves decided to stick with Flint, whom the considered the smarter choice. So they sent a message to Flint and his crew to start dig over the room they were staying. But this rose suspicion and Mr. Scott, who previously was resistant against helping his new inmates, had to kill a member of Bryson’s crew. Everything seemed fine as Flint’s crew killed Bryson and his men and started to carry over their guns but some careless pirates activated Bryson’s bomb. The result of this explosion was that Billy got lost in sea. I really doubt he is dead, cause of the strong character build up he got but I can’t wait to see where he will end up.

MISSING Some great Flint character development. He seems a bit to passive for a Captain who did all those things. He seems easily intimidated as well.

ICYMI Mrs Barlow turned out to be a true slut as she slept or better said quick fucked the Pastor on the veranda. Yes yes! Mrs Barlow was more than sick of being a prisoner of Flint and started to go extreme lengths to gain the upper hand.

Once more a solid episode, the story really didn’t progress far away but this episode put some last pieces in place and I can”t wait for the final 2 episodes of Black Sails freshman run.


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