Two and a Half Men Review: Say that without Twitching


Season 11 of Two and a Half men is probably the best since Charlie Sheens departure and this episode can get a place in the Top 10(20) best episodes of Two and a Half men.

A ” Cab Fare and a Bottle of Penicillin ” started a bit slow while Alan was suffering from heartbreak. After Lyndsey accepted Larry’s proposal he conforted himself by watching soft porn starring Lyndsey. If that qasn’t awkward, read funny, enough it got there after Walden decided to Join him. But on the plus side Walden convinced Alan to go after Lyndsey and propose to her. Lyndsey of course sent him home, but first of she took a look on his huge package aka Walden’s engagment ring.

After the rejection Alan was seeking comfort at Judith’s. It was nice to see Judith especially after she was away for quite some time. Alan and Judith hit it right of and started drinking and pouring their souls out. Some pretty low hits between the ex-spouses made this a pretty entertaining scene. Eventually both of them blacked out and after waking up realized Alan propose to Judith. Judith happy and wiling to change deciedes to give her fiancee a BJ for the good morning and taking away all of Alan’s concerns.

Walden was completely against this and tried to break the happy coupl with any means and even mentioned that Alan proposed to Lyndsey first what infuriated Judith who ended things by kicking Alan in nuts. Walden’s rescue mission concluded of a filthy dream were he and Alan were replicating a scene from Ghost ( a film were Ashton’s ex Demi More starred). This was just one of the many laughs this episode provided for us.

As a side story Jenny had relationship issues as she and Brooke didn’t sleep together whole 2 days or in Jenny’s overly sexual world forever. Before going into panic mode, walden and Broke treated us with some laughs as Walden couldn’t stop staring into Broke’s bobs( Aly Mischlka improved pretty much since her Helcats days). Jenny freaking out showed a deep fear of abandoment. I didn’t thought she felt thinks beside sexual pleasure. Eventually Jenny chained herself to Broke’s bed but was surprised to see Broke’s parents who came to visit. The future of the couple wasn’t revealed. First time I really cared for Jenny!

As previously said a tremendous episode and I can’t wait for more. Next week should be pretty great as Alan starts to date Larry’s sister( played by Kimberly Williams who shared the screen with Lyndsey actress Cpurtney Thorne Smith for 8 years in According to Jim.


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