The Vampire Diaries Review: Because when I stay I destroy things

No Exit

Is there really “No Exit” ? Last nights Vampire Diaries was messy messy.

As the episode started we got sucked in the Damon drama. Smirred all over with blood arrguing with Enzo staying over a dead body. Besides looking great these days Enzo is a really good friend to Enzo. In classic Salvatore fashion, Damon wanted to push Enzo away so he wouldn’t hurt him. But after Wes withe Travler help locked them in a house just to see how long Damon can ressist his urges. At the end Enzo chained Damon to a chair and called Stefan(Kathrine answered), but Enzo was set into a trap as Wes shot his making Damon go crazy for his blood and break the chains around him. Wes made Enzo walk away with him, cause he needed him once more.

While hell was going down in Damonville, Stefan and Kathlena were “studying” together. But after Caroline served them the newest Damon information they went on a road trip on a mission to rescue brother Damon. Katherine manipulated the whole trip around forcing Stefan and her to check into a motel. Katherine’s actions were slowly pushing Stefan’s alert and hot buttons. Katherine made some suspicious moves but she wouldn’t back down in her intentions to seduce Stefan, not even the call Enzo gave her made her step away. After a steamy shower Kathlena engaged in a kiss with Stefan who barely resist her. Kathlena knew she shouldn’t be so pushy and don’t rise suspicion so she backed down as well. But made a devious plan to force Stefan to kill the virus infected Damon. Katherine pushed Damon to the limits and Damon almost killed her if Stefan didn’t interfere with his blood. Nina combined her innocent act and funny faces very well and made a herself once more the star of the show.

Meanwhile back in Mystic Falls, Caroline and Tyler got suspicious after Matt disappeared for 2 days. Matt meanwhile had troubles with Nadia and tried to play her so he could save Elena. Caroline confronted Nadia and got almost killed but the bright and shining werewolf came to her rescue. Nadia ran off and Caroline and Tyler fought again ending things for good.

Nadia was on the downfall as Tyler bit her before she ran of.

Stefan and Caroline finally got to the conclusion that Katherine infested Elena’s body and black screen.

MIA The writers once more forgot Bonnie and Jeremy. But not for to long cause it seems like Bonnie will channel Liv’s magic next week to get Katherine out of Elena.

ERROR I’m usually not on a Error hunt when I watch a show. But this was quite the loop the writers took. The whole drama about Damon come close cause he couldn’t leave the house of his last victim. But then suddenly after getting Damon’s neck broken Stefan, elena and Damon can leave the their prisson. I hope that gets explained.

Hmmm I got mixed feelings about this episode. I love Kathlena and I enjoyed the Foorwood break up but I got a weird feeling of were are we heading with this story. Were is Vampire Diaries heading?


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