The Big Bang Theory Review: No Need for turning Tables


This weeks episode “The Table Polarization” was a nice follow up to the last The Big Bang Theory streamed before the Olympics. The episode proved once again that even in the 7th season a episode of Big Bang can be entertaining withouth any guest stars. Tonight we followed 2 interesting stories concluding in one Big happy family meal.

We start of with the gang was dining as always and Penny entering the main apartment. After a failed audition Penny decied to sit on the floor and tge gang started to disapprove and argue about a buyibg a dibibg table for the apartment. Everyone was agreeing besides Sheldon of course. Sheldon tried in every possible manor to sabotage Lenards attempt of buying a dinner table. Overall some hilarious scenes happened till Sheldon realized that he changed. Lenard mabipulated him into thinking that his relationship with Amy made him change. So Sheldon deciede to lose the person who made him change cause don’t forget he is perfect just the way he is. As Sheldon arrieved at Amy’s with and online Break up contract to end things of, he saw a pretty calm Amy. Amy played a funny game, I was about to fall of my couch as he manipulated Sheldon into thinking Leanard was using Amy as a distraction for the Table. Amy become pretty good in being Sheldon’s girlfriend and she knew exactly which words to say so Sheldon would go and turn on Lenard again. In a heated argument between the roomates with a lot of suggesting by Amy, Sheldon broke out of the spell Amy put him under and agreed to keep the table and not move in with Amy how she suggested.

Howard meanwhile got another offer to travel into space. Of course he was thrilled cause you never turn down NASA. But Bernie and Raj tried to convince him not to go cause he really hated it the first time around. So Bernie and Raj staged an intervention with Bernie’s dad and a fellow Astronout being their to support their cause. Howy was persistant in his decision to go but quickly changed his mind when he has to do the Survivor part of the preparation once more. Of course he wasn’t showing anyone his fear and dorced the doctor to change his results. Eventually he got out by getting High pressure while talking to his mother.

MVP of the episode Raj. By an inch he was better than Sheldon and hia neurotic behavior. I really can’t determin which part of Raj I loved the most tonight. Maybe when he was mispronouncing Moustach, or was he funnier when he was playing with Howards magical wond remote control calling other people Muggles( The Harry Potter reference always work). Or his rascism refference for sitting 7 years on the floor and wanting an upgrade to a table.

Overall a great episode of TBBT. Just waiting for next week and some great laughs.


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