Scandal Review: I’m making a respectable women out of you


“Ride Sally, Ride” was a great spring premier for all of us secret Gladiators!

The episode heated up right away as Sally Langston announced her decision to run in the Presidential race. Fitz choose Governor Andrew Nichols as Sally successor but Olivia didn’t liked him he smelt like trouble. In the pricess of examine Andrew for the position we found out that someone broke his heart. Who broke it I will reveal a bit Later.

Olivia was on a real test here as she became torn between the decisions she took in the first part of the season. After finding out Jake took over her fathers position she wanted to comfort her dad. Her father wasn’t so cheerful about his daughters attempt and openly treathened her he will use all the information he had to take down Fitz and he will take down Olivia in a blink of the eye.

Things for Olivia got only worse after a TV confrontation Abby and Leo Bergen (played by the adorable Paul Adelstein) where Leo placed the bomb about Olivia and Fitz once more. The white house started to heat up more and more. So this episode featured a Melivia, sisterhood scene and probably the most funny scene featuring Mellie and Olivia. Eventually Mellie gave Olivia a list of eligible man. This brought us back to Olitz. Olivia couldn’t handle the rumors anymore. She couldn’t handle being the other women, the one who will ruin Fitz. But Fitz wouldn’t let her go and Jack once again was an issue in their relationship.

Quinn played a game on her own after her beau Charlie promissed(lied) her she would get a job at B613. But in the meantime Cyrus arranged a job for them. They treathened the coroner who did Sally Langston’s husband autopsy while Abby and Huck were cross examine her.

Harrison had issues on her own. As he required David’s help to deny a visa. This is tied to the appearence of Kelly McCreary appearance as clare Tucker. Nazanin Boniandi appeared as a former lover of Harrison and gave us the first shirtless scene of Columbus Short as they rekinddled they old flame on Harrisons office desk.

MIA Maya Lewis was plotting her next move behind sealed doors, so I expect it be more than good.

ICYMI James decieded to work with David and take his fearful powerful husband out of the white house. As he was the one who leaked information about Daniel Douglas to the press.

ICYMI2 JOLIVIA fans got a nice scene again. As Jake went to Olivia to talk things out and she chose him to be his eligible bachelor.

I mean I’m huge Jolivia fan it started out creepy and awful but turned out great. But I know they don’t have chance to prevail cause Vermont will alway be there.

TWIST of the week 1: Papa Pope choose to join Sally Langston.

TWIST of the week 2: The women of Andrew Nichols life was Mellie and his/their feelings are still going strong.

It was a good start into a shortened 3b season, as Kerry Washington is expecting her first child. Congrats & make these next 7 episodes worth it.


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