Reign Review: Royal Blood doesn’t make you Royal


Reign came back with a weird episode. Weird in terms of I don’t like the developments and I’m disappointed by the choices the writers I mean characters made. “Royal Blood” featured Mash’s first fight, Francis naughty comeback and Clarissa gone wild.

The episode starts with Clarissa slaying a maid for sleeping with a horse boy in Catherine’s private chambers.

Mary was overwhelmed by guilt as people started to plot about killing Francis and Bash younger (half)brothers, as they were a treat to the throne. Mash’s first fight happened as Bash intended to send the boys away, but Mary was against it and showed a move worth the Queen of Scott’s. She used her power over Henry to force her opinion onto Bash. But Bash worked against Mary’s wishes and arranged a day out of the castle only to abduct the boys and send the to Spain. Nice move! You would be a good ruller. But no one anticipated Clarissa tagging along to spent some time with her young brothers and take care of them.

Catherine with Nostradamus help escaped her chambers but refused to escape after finding out her boys were abducted. She seeked help from Mary and went on a rescue mission with Mary and Bash. Megan Follows is killing it, her motherly love is so strong and so captivating. The group found Clarissa but she wasn’t about to give the boys back to her back stabbing mother. Catherine tried to talk Clarissa down, even tried to compare Clarissa to herself as she is willing to do anything to protect her intentions. But Clarissa couldn’t be reasoned and Mary killed her by hitting her into the back of her head leaving her for dead.

The events of tonights episode forced Mash to grow stronger and proposed marriage to each otheronce more   to force the Vatican to accept their marriage leaving them with no other choice than to legitimaize Bash.

Meanwhile in Paris Lola tried to help her brother Fredrick who lost a great amount of money gambling. He was caught cheating and Morris, the owner of the Bet place, wouldn’t be saticfied with the money. He wanted a night with Lola but Lola wouldn’t agree. Eventually Francis appeared and rescued Lola. After they spent the night together talking and drinking they once again bonded over them being rich and over the fact that no one understands them so they decided to sleep together. Bad bad choices, a bit out of character for Lola, she is so honorable(almost like Elijah) how will she look Mary in the eyes. Eventually they intended to part ways but after hearing his mother is going to be executed Francis rushed back to his fathers court.

This wasn’t a perfect episode like last time as Clarissa’s heritage got revealed but it really served it’s purpose. Next week Amy Breneman appears as Marie de Guise, Mary’s mother, the royal wedding should be conducted and more. But whom will Mary marry? Francis or Bash? I assume it will be Francis but how when her heart is now beating for Bash? And how strong are Francis feelings for Lola? We have so many places to go to! Can’t wait for next week.


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