Grey’s Anatomy Review: Japril, Male Izzy and Take it back


Yeaaaaaaaaaaah! Grey’s is back and I love it. “Take it Back” was a vintage GA episode since all hell broke lose.

After the blow out: Japril runaway, Mer was pissed at Derek for considering the job with the President, Bailey and Ben had a blow out on their own realizing he loves her more than surgery, Alex wanted to fire Shane and Arizona finally telling Callie she can’t change her.

3 weeks later: Things at The Memorial Hospital were just inflameable, fires are bursting all over.

Callie and Arizona were about to buy a house, but Callie wasn’t really inti it. I get Arizona wanting to change their place to start over. But Callie’s reasons weren’t obvious to me.

Shane was in a bad place and everyone are leaving him behind. The girls are supporting Jo, Hunt is hating him and everyone marked him as the bad boy. But no one recalls Izzy’s case. Yes it was different cause she did it out of love, but people do stupid things especially when they are so idealistical like Shane. I was glad Webber and Ben reached out to him. Hunt was ripping Shane apart as he is probably jealous of Shane for sleeping with Christina. I was so glad Webber called Owen out for being such a prick towards Shane.

Christina was trying to work thinks through with Mer and get into everyones good grace after creating Psycho Shane. Christina sewed Shane up after Alex punched him.

Alex was in a bad bad place with his father dying and Jo saying no to his supposed proposal. I felt for him but his proposal was to much for Jo. Remeber she has abandoning issues and she doesn’t trust people. The scene of Jimmy dying infront of him with Alex trying to give Jimmy some relief was just perfectly executed. I felt for both.

Stephanie and Leah grow closely as they possibly could. But honestly Leah told the truth! The Attendings treat them like expandables and did things without thinking about consequences.

Japril! I was a fan, than I’m not but eventually I just want both of them to be happy and them getting married was the perfect touch to their happiness.

ICYMI Leah, Steph and 1 more person suied the hospital and a absoloute not dating police was brought to the hospital. People need to start keep it in their pants.

MerDer’s issues continued as Mer was playing it nice to raise Derek’s guilt. But as always things blow out of control as Mer was furious for Derek doing this. But honestly who would turn down the President???? Especially if Tony Goldwyn plays him.

It was a brilliant spring start for Grey’s anatomy and my heart is beating in a regular rythm as it’s back on my Thursday schedule.


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