Modern Family Review: Family Lice


“The Feud” was a great episode (like usual) and I was thrilled as soon as I heard that Phil will take a major part in last night half hour.

Phil was in his usual great crazy mode. After getting voted down and loosing his position as Main realtor to his archenemy Gil (played by the hilarious Rob Riggle) tried to zone himself out by spending time with son Luke. Luke started to wrestle and was about to wrestle Gil’s son. Worsening the rivalry was the appearance of Gil’s father Gunther Thrope(John Heard) who was the pain in Jay’s ass. Luke lost really fast and really easy putting the families in crazy mode what ended in a row strangulation by the 6 males. Episides were Jay and Phil interact are just working so well and I’ll always laugh my ass of. Eventually Phil got a win against Gil but a bit later on that.

Clair meanwhile had a job meeting arranged by Mitchell. But prior to that she obliged to spent some time with Lily who gets cuter by every day/episode. This resulted in a messy interview as Lily has lice and gave them to Clair in their time spent together. Clair eventually got the job but it was hilarious watch her scratch her head on every object in the office.

Lilly had lice and Cam was overreacting like never before. The ways he was playing around Lily just to not touch her were brilliant. He put a cardboard over her body, put her head through the window while driving around and the stocking over her head was just brilliant. Lily eventually got used by Phil to take a hit on Gil as he made her transfer lice to him.

Gloria and Manny spent some quality bonding at a museum as his shoes were squeling and he didn’t want to embarass in front of his friends, while Gloria got an ekczema and hide from the mean Moms. Manny sacrificed himself to spare his mother from embarassing herself. #bestTvSonEver

Alex and Haley were meanwhile trapped in the basement cause an oposun wasn’t letting them out. I love the girls freak out on each other they are really hilarious together.

Another episode another delight. I really enjoyed every aspect of it. Next Wednesday is to far away.


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