Cougar Town Review: Joslyn Bradshaw, a couple competition and funny dads


“Mystery of Love” proved why Cougar Town Season 5 is a guilty of mine and why people should be really grateful TBS picked this show out of ABC’s purgatory.

This week we got introduced to Joslyn Bradshaw, Ellie’s writer alter-ego. Tom found a manuscript wrote by Ellie quite some time ago . The book revolved around time traveling Twins who were on a mission to find the truth about their Orgin.  Ellie didn’t finish the book so Tom persude her to finish the book and please her biggest fan. Ellie and Tom barely have scenes together but this storyline was a real treat. Tom is hands down the creepiest character on the show and he is pretty hilarious.

On the other side of Gulfhaven the writers remembered that Travis and Laurie were a couple. They invited Jules & Grayson to a brunch and they worked splendidly. But this made Jules suffer from couple tremor. The moment she saw how a brilliant couple Lauvis were she started to doubt her relationship with Grayson. After some failed attempt of proving her and Grayson’s brilliant relationship, including a couple dance which resulted with Jules hair burning up, Jules goes to extreme measures of preparing a sea food dinner only to poor all the over poor Grayson who just didn’t want to do anything with Lauvis. Eventually Travis & Laurie confessed they are completely fake and just trying to prove themselves.

The third part of the episode revolved Andy’s issues about being a working *ad who turned out to be the boring parent (remember that Ellie is the other parent). Andy planed a great day at the beach with Stan & Bobby but things went on a roller coaster as Andy lost his car keys and couldn’t acess sun creme, their cells, food and wallets. This inspired Bobby to be creative steal food & water but play it down so Stan doesn’t notice. Eventually it was revealed that Stan had the keys all along but the mess of a day Andy upgraded to funny dad.

ICYMI The new Stan actor is over the top cute, kudos to Griffin Kunitz for being so adorable.

I really hope TBS sticks with the show and doesn’t cancels it cause it got better with every episode.


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