Arrow Review: An Arrow through my heart

Time of Death

Arrow is finally back!!!! After my favorite episode to date Heir to the demon , I had to suffer through 2 wednesday nights without Arrow. “Time of Death” was another strong episode which ended with a sister bounding and a mind blowing appearance

This episode feature the appearence of William Tockman, (Robert Knepper), in the DC world better known as Clock King. With the help of Quentin Canary and Arrow started to hunt down the Clock King. In another robbery attempt the Clock King messed with the Arrow team comunicators and messed with train signals arranging a train to hit a bus. At the end they couldn’t stop William in their first attempt. But Team Arrow isn’t backing down, they hunted down William down only to fall into his trap and burst their system apart. This whole situation put a lot of pressure on Felicity, cause the Clock King was targeting her department, her skills and it all went downhill. Eventually they stopped the Clock King as they set him a trap with Oliver’s money. In the process Felicity took a bullet for Sara and saved the they. After Sara sew Felicity up a bunch of Olicity fans started screaming cause we got the most wonderful Olicity scene to date. Felicity took some pills from Diggle and went into a interesting state of mind where she confessed Oliver she was feeling she wasn’t his girl anymore. But with a sweet gentle gesture Oliver assured her she was for sure.

And while the action part of the episode was quite entertaining we got a lot of family drama going on. After a steamy welcome back training session with Sara and Diggle, Oliver arranged a welcome back party for Sara. Laurel wouldn’t attend the party as she was holding her grudge against Sara. As I said in the last episodes review I get from were is Laurel coming from. But Laurel softened up as Quentin sensed that there is still a spark between him and Dinah. So Laurel agreed to arrange a dinner. The dinner itself was a mess, after Dinah confessed she has another beau Laurel realized Oliver and Sara were together or whatever. Oliver than confronted Laurel and it was heartbreaking. His words were so powerful but again it hurt so much hearing him say all those things. And the line about she should go and drink at Verdant on his tab was just AWFUL. But than Oliver certainly overstepped, as he said he loved her for half his life but won’t run after her anymore. Oliver was always leaving her, he run from her as fast as he could. Back 6 years ago, when he came back, when Tommy died, when Sara comeback. He is just overlooking her and she can’t handle it anymore.

But Oliver’s words woke Laurel up and started to talk to Sara. A really deep talk between the Lance sisters happened and ended as the 2 sisters hugged it out.

Back on the island while planning to take over the freighter the crew was surprised by a plane crashing on the island. Sara took care of the Pilot who bagged Sara to take care of his daughter aka Sin( remember the girl who pined over Roy and played a whore for him). But there was an other purpose to the plain crasha and that were parachutes.

But the eventual twist of the episode cane 60 sec before the end after Oliver received a 911 text from Thea and rushed back home only to realize Moira was having a talk with her new business partner to us better known as Slade Wilson.

ICYMI Dinah is teaching at the Central City University. Nice one, already see her clash into Barry Allen next fall.

Arrow is keeping a really high level and it just makes you want watch the whole season in one breath. Next week is to far away for all us Arrow lovers.


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