The Originals Review: Face off the Devil


Last night we vitnessed that it really isn’t such a “Long way Back from Hell” but it is a hell of a ride. It becomes boring to say this is the best The Originals episode to date every single week but the show is trumping it self every week. But this episode had really some unseen moments.

Right before we went on the Olympics break the resurrected witches were gaining the upper hand in the fight against the Originals, as they took Rebekah and Klaus into captivity.

Very soon Genevieve revealed herself to the siblings and showed she wasn’t in the game to play she was in for the win. Klaus even tried to seduce the witch offering her everything she could imagine. Genevieve “barely” resisted and made Klaus drink some of Rebekah’s blood. The blood was mixed up with some herbes connecting Klaus and Rebekah’s mind.

Rebekah was dying out there last night. Genevieve filled her up with wolf spain and tormented her with images of dying patients throughout the hospital Rebekah once worked at. In flashbacks it was revealed that Rebekah and Red head were besties, even though it was portrayted so thar Bekah is using the witch in the glimpse of Bekah’s eye you could see she deeply liked Genevieve but she hated her brother more. Eventually Bekah and Marcel succeeded and convinced Genevieve to summon Michael to New Orleans. Rebekah eventually realized her mistake and begged Genevieve to reverse the spell. After turning her back on Rebekah for betraying her, Genevieve got infected with Influenza through Bekah’s hands. And kept in carantine. Not only Genevieve died, Klara dies to. Klara was the current impersonation of Celeste.

Elijah was playing investigator the most part of the episode and was on a mission to find his siblings. After busting on Sophie’s funeral, Monique send a message onto Elijah’s body. His body was covered with witches names, all who were possesed by Celeste on her way through time. Eventually he and Marcel found the location of the Original siblings.

Genevieve released Klaus and let him feed on her to gain strenght. Another captivating scene between Klaus and Bekah happened, I really thought it couldn’t get more intense than in VD’s season 4 episode The Five but The Originals trumpped that. And just a moment before Klaus was about tame Rebekah’s life, Elijah came along and daggered Klaus with the knife Genevieve gave Klaus( Papa Tunde’s dagger). Ending the episode in a surprising manner.

ICYMI Hayley knocked out Celeste, after she found out that she was the one who cursed her pack qnd started a game on her own.

MIA Kieran and his niece Cami. But we’ll see the next week for sure.

Where can the show head from this point forward? How can Klaus forgive Rebekah or what could Rebekah possibily do to redeem herself? No matter what I’m sure the writers have a briliant solution for this. Next week is to far away.


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