Pretty Little Liars Review: She’s come unDone


After a really interesting and twisty episode last week, PLL returned with not such an eventful instalment tonight  was rather an homage to Aria’s pain. “She’s come undone” wasn’t the best episode of PLL but it served it’s purpose.

Aria: After last week heartbreaking episode she was a small step away from a mental breakdown and she took that step like the Liars eat up “A’s” baits. After telling the girls the truth about Ezra writing the book and flipping out in Ezra’s class she went to face Ezra in his apartment. He wasn’t there so Aria entered the apartment with her key and started snooping around. After reading through  some of Ezra’s investigative work she trashed the apartment into pieces. Lucy really pushed her character to the limits, she put on an extraordinary performance tonight. The girls took her home but she wouldn’t stop. She needed to hurt Ezra like he hurt her. After hearing he was on a meeting with his publisher she just saw Red. She wanted even to tell the principal the truth about her and Ezra but Hanna stopped her. She told Aria she would harm herself and her family. This was enough for Aria to put the breaks on her plan and run out of the town.

Hanna was again working for her boys. The writers only know to develop her through interactions with boys walking around. This week she was interacting with Travis and officer Holbrook (played by Sean Faris). I won’t even comment on that so “Next”!!!

Emily had girl trouble. After falling into oblivion from the start of the mid-season Paige returned into Em’s life. But Emily hadn’t really time for her as Shawna contacted her so she would  drop of Ally money(the one Emily found in the picture a couple of eps before). Eventually Paige followed Emily to the drop off place and as Paige cornered Emily she had to tell her the truth about Allison being alive. Paige wanted to contact the police but Emily wouldn’t let her. Eventually Paige gave Emily a supporting ultimatum by telling her she won’t go to the police if Emily breaks all relations with Ally.

ICMYI Paige decieded to take measures into her own hands and tipped the police about Ally being alive.

Spencer meanwhile was going through withdrawal and it sucked for Spence but it was nice treat to see Troian play off this awful state of mind. “A” even played on her weakness and put some pills in her locker. After picking up Aria with the other girls she investigated some information she snatched from the apartment. A note about CeCe and Mrs DiLaurentis seeing Spencer fighting with Ally, the night Ally went missing, pushed Spencer down a rollercoaster and the pills she popped earlier didn’t helped at all. She confronted Mrs DiLaurentis what resulted in painful realization about that night and her addiction. Kudos to Troian she plays this role tremendously. Next week should be fun cause CW’s fan favorite Nathaniel Buzolic will stop by and help Spencer through her addiction. Should be steamy and hopefully lead into a Spoby break up as I really can’t handle Toby pine over Spencer anymore.

Team A was in possession of Ezra’s script and was reading through it for information. Besides that and the pill thing, “A” was more than calm this week.

We are coming close to the season finale and it seems a huge secret will be revealed next week.


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