The Following Review: Counting Bodies


This week The Following invited as to “Fly Away” and honestly it was a ride you wouldn’t miss.

As stated in my earlier reviews the Lily Gray situation is more than a wild card it’s a ticking time bomb. Lily infatuated by her emotions for Joe had an emergency plan to leave for Venecuela and live happily ever after with Joe and their kids. But things got messy as Luke returned with Gisele’s and Jemal’s bodies. Lily started her back up plan and the family was packing for Venezuela. But Joe wasn’t really into it so he and Emma started their Joe’s big plan to leave the crazy cult. But than a strange thing happened as Mandy deciede she liked Lily’s family better and was about to betray Joe for the greater good.

Ryan meanwhile was healing in the motel and decieded to seek out help from Mike and the whole FBI. But as Mike realized that the FBI mighty comprised he went alone to help Ryan and Max. As he arrieved they set up a trap for the followers and captured Luke and proposed a traid to Lily. Luke for Joe. And the hell broke loose.

Lily, the wild card I mentioned earlier, drugged Joe so she could switch him for her dear son. A messy confrontation emerged as Lily took along a decoy and run off with her Twins. Mike caught them about time but was just able to kill Luke, leaving Sam Underwood on only 1 paycheck. But the bigger issue is Mike’s blackout while punching the life out of Luke.

Mandy and Emma found a unconscious Joe. After waking Joe up our little group tries to escape but has to kill the poor Radmila to exit the mansion. Ryan meanwhile busted the mansion and killed Rami witch Joe barely escaping him. Eventually Joe and his girls reached the airplane but just to set a trap for Ryan and sneak out on the other side.

Joe cut his connections to Lily what put her in a mad state, welk deserved as she drugged him and tried to control him.

ICYMI Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) rock some stellar abs and I’m envious.

ICYMI2 Max and Mike have some major chemistry I hope they unleash it fast really fast.

ONE LINER OF THE EVENING was offered by Mandy while telling Emma that Joe slept with Lily.

You look like you sucked a lemon!

The body count of this epsiode 5-6 bodies, level of excitement burning up. The show is really good and next weeks preview indicates that Lily is bombing out and that Joe is just a bottom feeder and that he is just another Follower


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