Teen Wolf Review: Loosing my Stileginity


Teen Wolf’s latest episode, Echo House, took mostly place in an Asylum and I loved it. The twists and turnes the show is taking is unbelievable and the performance of these young actors are powerful. Hell yeah!!!

Stilles commited himself into an Asylum so he wouldn’t hurt anyone. The poison Dr Deaton injected into into him wilm “control” the Nogitsune for a few days. In the Asylum Stilles sees an suicide happen and within it he sees the Nogitsune spirit who continues to feed on the chaos. Stilles quickly finds a friend in his roomate Oliver who introduces him to the other Asylum ihibitants, between them Malia, the were coyote from the begginig of the 3B season and right of punched Stilles in his face as he hit the floor Stilles realizes he once already was in the Asylum. The appearence of Mr Morrel heated things up as she promised/indicated to Stilles she would kill him if the Nogitsune took over.

Malia, played by Shelley Hennig, was in a bad bad place. She couldn’t handle being a human, the guilt with which her father looked at her, the cold she felt whithout her fur. Stilles offered her to help transform back if she helps him. Stilles wanted to get into the basement he recalled to already had visited. Maila helped him get a guards keys but got caught and sedated, his currebtly biggest fear. He faced the Nogitsune in his dream but Malia pulled him out before getting repossesed. Strangely Malia and Stilles had some interesting chemistry, and it was strange to see Stilles being into someone who isn’t Lydia. Eventually Maila initiated intercourse and it got really steamy between these 2. So Stilles lost his Virginity, would be strange for such a hot guy to stay Innocent for to long. Afterwards they found the Nogitsune’s body but were knocked out by Oliver who was working for the Nogitsune. Stilles let the Nogitsune into him so he wouldn’t hurt Malia. Dylan’s tranformation between Stilles and Nogitsune was just over the top Brilliant.

After Stilles escaped, Malia exited the Asylum as well and went on a mission to find her sexy lover. And with Ms Morrell’s advice she started to look for Scott.

Argent and Derek were still in captivity for the murder of Silverfinger. Argent got a mysterious visit by the women from the midseason premier( the one who tortured Peter and Derek). It seems she is connected to Argent and Allison, I assume it’s Allison’s grandmother.

The rest of the gang meanwhile was searching for a way to get the Argent and Derek out of prison and planted an attack on a conbine and take some crucial evidence away, Silverfinger’s finger and roll in it. But their plan got foiled as a mighty Beta wanted the silverfinger for himself. Eventually with the help of the Twins Scott, Allison and Kira obtained the evidence and after Deaton translated the roll, Scott realized that the only way to help Stilles might be turning him into a Wolf.

MIA Peter Hale. I thought he would get more focus after the reveal that Malia is his daughter.

MIA2 not only Isaac was missing, Allison’s nightmare were gone aswell. Bring them back.

A new excellent eventful episode. Teen Wofl is bringing it this season and I love it. We got just 4 more episodes till the season ends and lets hope Stilles stays stays alive.


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