Star-Crossed Review: Someone is always watching

Star Crossed, 102

As said in earlier freshman show reviews the 2nd episode of a new show is really crucial as people give up on a new show really fast. And so “These Violent Delights have Violent ends” was really important and personally I think it was on better than the Pilot .

Things on Star-Crossed continued to heat up as the story picked up right where the Pilot left off. Roman and his family were preparing the funeral for Nox. Roman was in a bad place the pain and anger were eating him up but the bond with Emery was pulling in the other side. At a meeting of the 4 Atrian tribes leaders ( Swasek, Zovahen, Yuwabas and Swabmet, not sure if I spelled them right will correct them if I misspelled) Roman had to stand up to Caster (Johnathon Schaech), his uncle, and become the new leader of his tribe, Zovahen. Roman meanwhile found out that the Tracks, a Atrian fraction that wants to start a war between the races, are planing an initiation for new recruits and an attack on Emery and her family.

Emery meanwhile was torn between the two worlds she was dragged in. I loved her initial conversation with Roman where she thanked him for saving Julia, Aimee really proved some strength here. I’m growing to like him more and more even though people are trashing her for playing a bland character and the writing isn’t giving her enough space. I must say people should leave their prejudice aside and look at Emery like what she is, an ordinary warm heart girl which you meet every day. Let her grow she is just a teen. Emery had a sweet moment with Grayson as she asked him for forgiveness and we finally got some depth to his character as it was revealed his brother was killed on arrival day. I must say Emery is a little tease and she easily hooked Grayson back on her, his hopes went right up high and he wasn’t wasting time to reconnect with her at the Homecoming

Homecoming was the big event of the episode and things were going wild out there. Before it all happened a discussion was held if the Atrians should even appear at the Homecoming but as one of Emery’s speeches hit the internet there was no arguing if the Atrians should attend. At the homecoming Emery and Grayson found out that Eric and Robert, a Red Hawk who previously clashed with Emery and other proAtrians, were trying to kidnap Drake. Grayson showed a pretty dark side here as he took out a knife to protect Emery and Drake from them. He isn’t such a good boy as it seems and I think Emery liked the way he stepped up last night. Eventually it was revealed that Grayson is a Red Hawk and in  couths with Robert  showing of as  the only smart one out there.

The Twist of the episode was the revelation of spy Atrians, whom removed the Atrian specific markings and integrated the humans. One of them is the new deputy in charge of the Sector and he had orders to kill Emery. Roman was able to stop him. Roman torn between his obligations as a leader and life outside of the Sector so he stepped down gave his position to his uncle. Caster meanwhile seems to be in couths with the Tracks, his intentions are unclear but he is a great addition and I hope he sticks around for quite some time:

And now lets do some shipping:

-Drake, the Violent Alpha Atrian, had a nice moment with Taylor, the high school queen B, indicating they could be the new powercouple. I got a hunch there will be a Mixed pregnancy happening soon and thes 2 are prime contendors.
-Sophia, Roman’s sister, and Lucas, Emery’s Bff, were connecting as well wouldn’t mind to see them together neither.

ICYMI Apparently there is a swamp in Louisiana were runaway Atrians are living free, I just hope they don’t meet Vamps or Werewolfes there. I mean it’s the CW after all.

ICYMI2 Eric’s anger towards the Atrians has a background with his dad’s restourant gking bankrobt after The Sector being placed near:

ICYMI3 Julia realized that Roman was the one who saved her. The more Malese Jow we get I’m happier. 

This episode had plenty revelations within and was a real boost after the overeventful Pilot. Ther story is sliding in a fine way and things are getting a nice progress. I really hope the rating follow the quality.


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