Intelligence Review: Too close to Home


As Intelligence continues it’s freshman run, the connection between our characters continously grows and is the thing that keeps me by this show. “Delta Force” delved deeper into Gabriel’s character but gave us finally a chance to meet and relate to Michael Rady’s character Chris Jameson.

This episode revolves around fantastic Trio (Gabriel, Riley and Chris) heading towards Bolivia to protect Javier Leon (Yancey Arias). It would be an really easy task if there wasn’t the assasin who is Gabriel’s Delta Force BFF, Johnny Norris. While Chris stayt with Javier and his wife, Gabriel and Riley tried to connect with their CIA lead. But he was dead, Johnny took him out and planted a bomb for ever who finds the lead first. Gabriel reached out to Johnny in an attempt to calm him down and arrange a mediation but failed.

This episode was special for another reason, we got treated with special flashback to Gabriel’s time spent in Delta force. Gabriel was hurt and Johnny was there to help him.

The people who writes scenes for Gabriel and Riley are nailing it through out the whole season and especially today when Gabriel was in such a fragile state their interaction worked.

Back to the story, soon after the bombing we find out that Johnny knew the exact location of Chirs and Javier and hunted the down. In the process he shot Chris and Gabriel wen on a hunt for Johnny. At this point I was already sure there was a traitor among Javier’s people, prime suspect Javier’s wife (Iris Almario) or her brother.

While on the run Johnny traps himself in a mine field and his only way out is the chip enhanced human, Gabriel Vaughn. Gabriel helps him out but get tricked by Johny’s shady move and takes Gabriel hostage.

A flashback to their Delta Force time reveals to us that the rift between the 2 besties happened when Gabriel and Chris agrrued about Gabriel’s decision to protect a women and her screaming child who put them in danger to be found.

Gabriel succeeds to overcome Johnny and take control of the situation and finds out that Johnny is there to protect Leon from His wife and her brother(I must say I knew it). In an explosive face of Marcela and her brother Ruben die as Gabriel and Chris shot them down.

Chris is an extremly arrogant character but it suits him. He isn’t a bad guy he is just dedicated to his job and his code of honor, to say so. I like Michael Rady and seeing him playing this stuck up person with a wall around him is a nice change from his usual characters.

Eventually everything seems to be fine between the former besties and we got to enjoy a nice final scene between Gabriel and Riley. Kudos to the writers once more.

As it seems the ratings aren’t in the favor of this show at least for CBS standards I just think it’s the wrong time and time slot for the show. Blacklist is really dominating and Castle fans aren’t giving people space to dig into a new show. I think a new time slot would do wonders for the show.


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