How I met your Mother Review: The Vow


After a too long break HIMYM returned with a really funny episode. In “Rally” the gang had to face a Barney drunk and a 2 hour recovery limit.

The episode started with a beautiful scene between The Mom and Ted as they went to a new year celebration. Ted cheered to the wonderfull year they had and the mother told him to don’t drink to much and here comes the wow in play. A wov the gang took after seeing how drunk Barney got.

We travel back to the present time where Ted and Robin finally found Barney who passed out infront of his and Robin’s room. As the gang gathered Robin startrd to panic cause in 2 hours the gang had to appear at a photoshot paid by Robin’s terrfying dad.

The ways the gang tried to wake up Barney were filled with brillant quotes and great laughs, at one point Barney even skated down the stairs cause Robin and Lilly didn’t payed enough intention. When Robin used some methods her father used on her I was really feelibg it for her, cause ice baths, scary bears and threats aren’t tge right way to treat your daughter. Eventually a kiss between Lilly and Robin made Barney wake up but they didn’t get the special ingredient for the Stinson hangover cure. The crew realized that the “cure” was just a decoy what helped the gang members overcome difficult moments in their life.

Ted and Marshall meanwhile tried to get all ingredients for the “cure” and got almost everything but grease. They went to the Inn’s kitchen asking for some, but the cooks hadn’t any. At this point we find out that Ted’s mom told him he had a Bacon alergie so je would eat healthy. Now Ted had to eat a bunch of fried bacon so the cook wilould made more and give him the needed grease.

Eventually the group agreed that they couldn’t wake up Barney so they lied to him that they pulled of a Morning with Barney and that everything went right.

The Vows: As the episode progressed each member of the gang vowed that they wouldn’t get drunk as Barney got the night before. This gave us some hilarious flashforwards as none of the could keep their vow:

-Marshall broke his vow in the middle of the election night where he was loosing to the stunnigly Brad Morris but eventually succeeded to win in the race for supreme court of New York state. He had to give a statement to the public where he mention Gotham, Batman and other weird thing making Lilly break of the interview.
-Speaking of Lilly, she broke her Vow the day she sent “little” Marvin to College. She just couldn’t handle it.
-Robin and Barney broke their vow on a trip were they broke into a hotel room. The writers played us here as they planted a Baby into the room where drunken Robina and Barney woke up.

We got just 6 more episodes to go, and if they are good as this one I’ll cry my eyes out on the 31st of March 2014.


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