Black Sails Review: In the Best interest


A new episode a new adventure, “V” was a really good episode with twists following one after another. The great thing about Black Sails is that it really gives things to think about,they aren’t slowing down, they engage in every storyline and aren’t playing down anything. 

As said the writers aren’t avoiding confrontation and Eleanor was in the middle of the storm. She had to face an angry mob after Mrs. Barlow let Richard free and daddy set the ravish people start a hunt on his daughter as a punishment for her doings. Eleanor put on a brave face but was dying inside. Her doubts were increasing as Jack was bound to a sofa in her office. Jack was quite the bad companion and just rose the tension which was burning through Eleanor’s skin. But Eleanor tried to find a way out as she tried to find a solution with Capt. Hornigold (Patrick Lyster) and others as no one was really trusting her after the stunt she pulled with Charles. Eventually she was cornered as Hornigold forced her to lift the her restrain on Chales or she would lose his support. After being completly against it, John forced Eleanor to see that it’s her only choice but it wasn’t revealed if she would cave into the threats.

The MVP of the episode was Billy Bones. This blond-blue eyed Adonis took the role of the leader and it suited him well. After getting into a face off with Flint where Flint convinced him into having the best interest for the crew in mind. But Flint respected Billy and his straight forward attitude with no intentions of backing down. Later on Capt. Flint’s crew went on a mission to conquer another ship, Capt. Bryson’s (played by Langley Kirkwood) . Billy again proved he was able to manage the crew and proved ti be worthy of their reapect. The conquer mission of Bryson’s ship was probably the best scene of the show to date. As one of Capt. Flint’s crew members, James, inspired by his fear of death went into a trans and eventually bit into the neck a member of the Capt. Bryson’s crew and let him bleed out to death.

Twist of the week: Mr. Scott being part of Bryson’s inslaved prisoners and being. Cause apparently Brysons ship and his best people have a hideout within his ship. In this hideout a bunch of afro american slaves. Bryson forced Scott to translate a message to a slave. The Slave informed Capt. Flint that Bryson was getting assistance which should appear any time. The episode ended as Billy killed the slave who attempted to kill Flint. Next week can’t come soon enough.

ICYMI Jack once again proved to be the most resurcful guy by buying a brothel for him and his Captain. And keeping them from dying by starvation.

ICYMI2 Charles meanwhile was mostly looking hot as he pout over his bad decision and list loves. Eventually a hooker took care of his wounds and penis and inspied him to start fighting again. Charles is a huge wild card in this story and it’s just matter of time when he will become the lead and the one to fear.

ICYMI3 Clara Paget’s Anne Bonny finally got to talk for more zhan 10 sec and with no else than Max who was continously raped by who ever came along. Anne tried to redeem herself for putting Max into that position by performing a middle age contraception method.

MIA Mrs Barlow! Surprisingly the most online searched women from the show couldn’t be found in “V”.

As earlier said a really strong episode which again left me hanging for more. I really have no clue where this season will end and I can’t wait to see where the writers will leave us at the end of the season.


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