Pretty Little Liars Review: A gAme I never wanted to play


“Free Fall” was a real treat after last weeks awful episode. Things got really messy as Ezra made a move against Spencer but Ezra’s real intentions were revealed and “A” seems to get an advantage once more.

Spencer was out of control this week as her addiction made her go to some big extremes to get to her lovely pills. After Ezra alerted Aria about her strange behavior Spencer got confronted by her friends and put on the spot and proclaimed insane. During this confrontation Troian proved some vintage Spencer performance and I really enjoyed it. Afterwards she gave the rest of her pills to Emily and Hanna and made a plan to set Ezra up. Before the great plan took place Spencer dialed some doctors to get back on pills again that backfired as the doctors office called back Veronica and made Spencer confront her addiction.

Emily and Hanna Last night these 2 were 1 souls in 2 bodies as they struggled through their friends addictions. Eventually they stud by Spencer and played along in the plan to capture “A”/Ezra in the set up. The plan backfired as apparently Mona(by Ezra’s orders) pretended to be Ali and stole the set up money.

Aria meanwhile had to face the toughest episode in a while as Spencer planted a seed of doubt in her head while the pill popping confrontation. Ezra meanwhile put out some information out making Aria even more suspicious. She went out to his cabin and started snupping around finding a manuscript Ezra was writting about Aria. Apparently Ezra isn’t “A” he is just a guy who is infatuated with Allison and decieded to investigate her life after she went missing. He knew who Aria was right from the begining and she was his card into Ali’s world. I don’t know what the writers are making out of this they should really decied who is their “A” and stick with it.

Team A apparently was really quite this midseason.and will start being dangerous just as the Ezra drama is lifted.

This week we at least got some development and answers but is this the truth or a lead on to sent us off. Hopefully this season final episodes will give us some real answers.



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