Intelligence Review: His Blood is moving


“Size Matters” wasn’t really about what it sounds on the first hearing but let’s say we weren’t left dissapointed even though Josh Holloway wasn’t showing off .

Tonight’s episode revolves around an other member of Lilian’s team, Shenendoah Cassidy. After a bunch of scientists working on nanotechnology died our team is set to discover who and why is killing the scinetists with nanites. After succeeding in saving dr Bryce Tyler the team around Gabriel found a secret message hidden in a binary code. This leads us to the first suspect if the night Gordon Grayson.

Our wonderful tag team Gabriel and Riley go and hunt Gordon down. But things get much more complicated than you would think as Gordon uses a trap door to make him magically disappear. But eventually they out smart Grayson and capture him. Just to realize he is infected as well and died ASAP. Not giving us any answer.

Shenendoah and Nelson eventually come to the conclusion that the nanites weren’t working like bacteria or viruses and that try are mechanical activated, by phone calls. Connecting this fact to Graysons death and with some camera material they come tp realize that Bryce is the killer. After a confrontation with Bryce he activates new nanites with a burn phone and Shenendoah is his next victim.

In a heartbreaking scene between Shenendoah, his son Nelson and chip son Gabriel, Gabriel and Riley confront Bryce once more. After an heated arrgument Gabriel relaizes a way to safe Shenendoah, by killing him. The nanites can’t survive on in a dead body so Nelson lowered his dad’s body temperature and saved his dad.

Shenendoah later confronted Bryce and got an conffession out of him.

The writers teased us with a nice Gabriel-Riley bonding scene and aarranged late night snack date. These 2 really does have chemistry.

ICYMI I love how Gabriel uses his abbilities to alter technology, like unlocking cell phones, switching the from silent mode etc etc.

The show keeps a solid level of entertaiment and development but the ratings aren’t improving. Doesn’t seem like we’ll enjoy the show next year.


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