Cougar Town Review: Messy Cougarlationships


“Time to move On” was a vintage Cougar Town episode featuring a pushy Jules, pissed of Ellie and delusional Andy.

Right of the start we see our gang making fun of Jules and Travis upcoming graduation( so that is probably were we will be by season end). Jules didn’t realized she was raising a lazy photographer who will never leave her house. So Jules started to push Travis towards finding a job, future anything. Travis and Jules always had a great relationship and it was really hard for her to be proactive about his lack of ambition and gratitude. Along the way we got some great refferences to Jules and Bobby’s past jobs. Travis eventually caved in and got a job at a local coffee shop.

Ellie had child problems this week as well, as she was obssessed with signing Stan into Gulfhaven’s Ivy league academy. In a weird line of events Laurie decieded to pretend to be Ellie’s lover so it would seem that Stan comes from an “alternative” family, so the school gets more variaty students. Ellie decieded to keep up the pretend cause Stan was promoted to the top of the waiting list. Laurie as always got to much into the role and started a huge fight at the deciecive academy picknick. The fight was about Ellie not being to much into public display of their fake love, alaurie overreacted and all hell broke lose between them. Eventually Ellie and Laurie made piece, these 2 are really well working together.

Andy had some spare time on his hands as Ellie pushed him out of the interview giving chance for the scenes mntioned above to happen. So Andy teamed up with Grayson and Tom to create a Cat video what was completely absurd and ofdensive in so many ways. Really not a well intergrated part of the episode.

ICYMI Jules was quite jealous of tge kisses between Ellie and Laurie and wanted to proof she is the better kisser to Laurie. But Laueie and Ellie neglected her the make out session.

What do you think, is Travis able to provide for himself? Why did the writers push the breaks on the Laurie/Travis relationship? They barely share scenes together. Even though this was a good episode the writers missed some good plot points, like Andy and Travis finding out about the Lesbian lovers. See you next week.


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