The Following Review: You can’t touch me


“Reflection” kept the intensity raising and the amount of bodies and psychos wasn’t left behind.

Ryan and Max succesfully captured Gisele and took her to a motel and started interogarrting her. Gisele wasn’t really coperative until Max and Ryan played an “oscar wordy” performance and ahe spilled the beans about where Lily Gray should be. She lied of course cause it was the meeting point for Gisele and Luke and Jemal. In a violent gun fight Ryan gets wounded but kills Jemal. Gisele meanwhile escapes the motel by breaking her tumb and knocking Max out. A hurt Ryan runs into an empty house to heal his wound. He eventually kidnapped a women. This event I belive triggered something in Ryan. I think he realized he can’t do this alone he needs help. Gisele quite fast reaches the meeting point and starts to hunt Ryan with Luke what eventually gets her killed. Luke is devastated.

The mess in Lily Gray’s mansion is getting worse as I type. Lily wants to connect with Joe but he isn’t to found of people pushing him into things he doesn’t want/is ready for. Lily even prepard a victim for Joe to torture/kill. Joe was shocked but eventually gave in his lust for kill and made a bloody mess out of the beatiful blond girl. Afterward he engaged in hot bloody sex with Lily. Lily meanwhile is slightly losing the ideal image of Joe she ia having. Wouldn’t be surprised for Lily to go all nuts and take Joe from his throne.

Emma had issues on her own as Lily asigned Marc to keep her locked in while she bounds with Joe. Like Emma didn’t have enough issues as she didn’t trust any of Lily’s people and she was still hurt by Joe’s betrayal. She got into a fine place with Marc but wasn’t completely turned of as he has a phobia of other people touching him without his permission. Like he wasn’t tormented enough.

ICYMI Mike was far away from the events tonight but started to find clues of Joe’s wellbeing. Apparently he will turn next week.

A solid episode again and it left me hanging in for more. I really want to get into the depth of the story and a Ryan/Joe face off is really needed.


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