Teen Wolf Review: Traps, Heroes & Villains


Holly Molly! Teen Wolf really doesn’t plan to reduce the intensity of it’s upcoming episodes. Letharia Vulpina delivered some major events and a Nogitsune showing his real face and real intentions.

The episode starts with some guys going mad over a dying Wolf, eventually the Vet came and it was no other than our Druid friend, Dr Deaton. Eventually it comes clear that Deaton poisoned the Wolf so he could reach the fountain where the last Nogitsune was killed. The fountain was full of Letharia Vulpina a plant able to defeat a Fox. Dr. Deaton is becoming the Katherine Pierce of Teen Wolf as she appears and disappears as it’s convinent for the story.

Paralel with this story the cliffhanger from last week continued were a lose electric cable was about to kill Kira and a buch of people. Kira avoided the attack and was able to dry the electricity from it but the electricity stroke Isaac and 2 other innocents. Scott and Allison visited Isaac at the hospital and took some of Isaac’s pain. Kira powered up and started to get into her the whole Fox thing she is accepting who she is.

The next day Scott and the Twins find Stilles in the schools basement and realizes Stilles prepped a trap in the forest to hurt some of the students. They were able to prevent students to get hurt but the cooky coach got hit by a arrow and put into the hospital after Scott took some of his pain. Later on a bomb alarm was spread through the school but honestly the bomb was put into the Sheriff stations. Hurting a lot of deputies, Scott again draw the pain of a Deputy but wasn’t able to safe him. Eventually Scott, Kira and Stilles were hunt down by Oni’s and as they headed to the Vet stations were they should be safe a confrontation happened. Kira put on her fighting gear and kicked major as* but she couldn’t prevent Scott from getting stabbed. Eventually they escaped into the Vet station where the Nogistune revealed he was playing a game all along. Knocking out Kira and took all the pain Scott acumulated. Eventually Deaton appeared and injected the Letharia Vulpina into StillTsune knocking him out. For the conclusion we have to wait for next week.

Lydia and Allison met up with Peter who wanted to help Lydia work through her powers but he needed a favor. He wanted Lydia to find out which secret his sister erased from his memories. Lydia struggled a bit but eventually come through and revealed that Peter has a child. Peter went mad to find out who it is but Lydia only knew he had a child. Later Lydia and Allison connected the dots and realized Malia(the fox from the begginig of 3b, played by Shelley Hening) is Peter’s daughter. A big WoW for Shelley coming back and please let her stay.

ICYMI Argent and Derek semi bonded starting a new bromance to our pleasure.

So where are we headed no clue!! Will it be good, I’m completely convinced!


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