Star-Crossed Review: Seeking Salvation from Prejudice


And the invasion began! CW’s first midseason show premiered yesterday and honestly it left me hanging for more.

The story begins on the 17th September 2014, when an alien ship crashes on Earth. An Alien race called Atrians( from the planet Atria) were seeking salvation on Earth. From what and why they were running wasn’t revealed this week but is lingering over the whole “We came storY”. After the crash a fight between humans and Atrians errupted. Little Roman’s father was captured in the mission so 6 year old goes on and seeks refuge. On the run he finds schelter in the arms of the lovely 6 year old Emmery. A warmhearted Emmery feeds and protects the terrified Roman until human soldiers find them and take Roman away.

10 years later: Humans and Atrians live in some kind of peace as the humans captured the Atrians in the Sector. The Sector is a place were Atrians live with limited human contact in very poor conditions. But the peace is in big danger as on the first day of school 7 Atrians teenagers are set to integrate into a high school and make relations between humans and Atrians better. Between these 7 Atrians we find Roman again, played by the stunnigly handsome Matt Lanter. Anyone who watched 90210 knows that Matt has great acting potential(that wasn’t really well used in 90210, just in rare occasions) but here he has a lot of space as the main lead to show all of his skills. Roman is sarcastic, condescending and overall angry. Angry that all his people has to live in this poor popr conditions but. There is always a “but” in CW shows, him meeting his savior Emmery warmed up his heart and made the world around him go mad. But later more on that.

The process of intergration is anything but easy cause neither the humans or the Atrians are backing down. Things go crazy as Eric, a prime time bully messes with Roman’s kind sister and enrolls in a fight with Roman. Of course Roman is accused of being the bad guy here. Roman calms down but the other Atrian students aren’t willing to let things slide and bust a party held by the humans to teach Eric and his friends that they can’t treat them that way. Roman eventually appears and breaks of the fight, but as the cops appear a run under the motto safe your head starts.

Now lets introduce the female lead of the show, Emmery. Emmery, played by FNL’s Aimee Teegarden, is a kind and warm hearted girl who after 4 years spent in a hospital finaly gets to go to a real school and really enjoy life. As the newbie and a pretty shy person Emmery doesn’t has a lot of friends. Mostly she is hanging in the hospital with her friend Julia, who is suffering from a lethal desease. In school besides her bff, she hasn’t any real friends. But in school she meets Grayson, played by Gray Damon(The Secret Circle, Twisted), who falls for her before even talking to her. The 2 of them share a nice connection and Emmery is showing signs of being interested in him as well. Everything would be fine for them if there wasn’t Roman.

Emmery’s world spins high as she meets Roman again. First of she doesn’t recognize him mainly cause she assumed he died 10 years ago. When she and Julia infiltrate the Sector in search for a plant called Sieper, which apparently can heal humans they re-encounter Roman and he and Emmery reconnect. At this point I really don’t know if I’m team Roman or Grayson cause Emmery has a nice bound with both characters. After being forced to leave the Sector, Emmery and Roman meet again at the party after the fight between Eric and Drake happens. As they were about to kiss Emmery’s phone rings and she gets the information that julia is in a coma. Emmery rushes to the hospital devasted that she can’t do anything for her friend. Than Roman secreatly enters the room and with some Sieper in his blood extracts a serum which heals the comatose Julia (Hero moment ) but this comes with a price.

At this point everything would be great if Roman’s father, Nox didn’t got killed by Emmery’s dad. In his search for Roman Nox confronted a fellow Atrian. Their fight was noticed by human police officers and after seeing Atrian weapons thing went crazy and Nox got shot by accident.

I really tried to keep it simple and short but with such an eventful Pilot I really couldn’t keep it short as intended. What are you thinking? Is this the new CW hit? I think it has a lot potential to go somewhere only if people would let their (Roswell/CW) prejudice aside, just like they did with Reign.


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